Wyrm Cult

The ‘Wyrm Cult’ or ‘Cult of the Wyrm’ is a group of around seven thousand Namegivers that live in and around the Wyrm Peaks. They refer to themselves as ‘Heralds of the Dawn’, and they attribute the dragon Verdant Dawn with their very survival.

During the Scourge, Verdant Dawn took many Namegivers into her lair beneath the mountains. These Namegivers were kept safe throughout the Age of Isolation and were then let back out into the world.

For the most part, the cult is made up of Orks, though there are also many Humans. There are various other races in the cult, though their numbers seem unsustainable. Coincidentally, nearly all members of this cult are Adepts. Most of these Adepts hew close to their roots out in nature. Almost every group of cultists encountered will have a Cavalryman, a Beastmaster, AND an Elementalist. Scouts, Illusionists, and Troubadours are also very common.

  • What a ‘coincidence’ that the Wyrm’s Survivors happen to be magically potent enough to protect their Queen. I wonder what she did to them down there. – Basheel

Wyrm Cult

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