The Oni are curious race of enigmatic people that originally come from the far off region of Nippon. Oni skin is typically a shade of red or blue. Duller colors cleaving towards brown are more common. In particularly rare circumstances patterns of both blue and red are present. Children born with these rarer skin tones are usually afforded a special place amongst the Oni. However, after childhood, Oni are measured heavily on personal achievement.

Due to the closure of the Jaunting Hall there is a small, but still sizable, population of Oni that live within the city of Vasheen. For the most part they keep to themselves, attempting to preserve their culture as best as they can remember it.

They have their own passion, Torasama, who appears to look after his own and has adopted Nemahay as his new homeland. The Oni have a complex system of honor and personal worth that, quite frankly, confuses me. But it seems to work for them, and they are dutiful and obedient laborers that have kept this city running smoothly.

Renowned Oni


Creating an Oni Character

Game Information
Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 10, STR 13, TOU 11, PER 10, WIL 10, CHA 9
Movement Rate: 12
Karma Modifier: 4

Racial Abilities
Honorbound: All Oni have honor buried deep down in their blood. They must adhere to a strict sense of honor or else they experience extreme disorientation and discomfort. Some Oni have called it a pain that is worse than the embrace of death. Indeed, many shamed Oni have killed themselves rather than face life without honor.
The honor of Oni is complex. In real life terms it is similar to bushido. I don’t have time to work it all out now. Face problems head on, don’t engage in thievery or gambling. Do everything you can to help the family. Never go back on your word, etc.
An Oni who knowingly takes a dishonorable act will begin to experience Honor Sickness and qualified as harried until they can commit an act of penance. An act of penance is any act of self sacrifice. Ideally this will undo their dishonorable act, if that is not possible they may commit an act of self harm. The self harm must inflict at least as much damage as their wound threshold and they must take the wound. This damage must heal naturally, and not via magical means, or the sickness will come back.
An outcast Oni may have come to realize that dishonorable actions may have their place in society. Still, it can be hard for them to go against cultural conventions. They may make a will check (5) to resist Honor Sickness whenever they embark on a new dishonorable task. In exchange for this, they treat all mainstream Oni as one step less friendly and suffer a two step penalty on all charisma checks made when associating with them.
Low-Light Vision: Low-Light Vision allows a character to see at much lower light levels than humans. For a character with Low-Light Vision, a single torch easily illuminates a 30-yard by 30-yard meeting hall. Starlight provides plenty of light on a clear night, and even on a night shrouded by thick cloud cover the character can see as well as a human sees at dusk. Characters with Low-Light Vision are no more susceptible to flash-blindness than humans. Complete darkness—the complete absence of light—will render a character with Low-Light Vision unable to see, like other characters requiring normal vision.


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