Ice Bat

Enormous bats live up high in the Wyrm Peaks. Their wingspans range from two to six meters and they have a thirst for flesh. I am assured that these creatures are omnivorous, but after seeing their fangs first hand, I cannot imagine them devouring leaves off of a tree.

These creatures are magically resistant to the cold and can even harness the frigid temperatures of the high peaks to blow freezing winds at their prey. If the cold doesn’t cause them to collapse in exhaustion, the billowing winds will likely push the poor traveler to his doom.

Worse still than encountering a single bat on the hunt, is stumbling into a cave of these Ice Bats. They slumber all day in caves up in the mountains, caves that look like excellent shelter to the uninitiated. Within the cave, dozens of Ice Bats could be resting up for another night of hunting!

  • Our Author is being a little over dramatic here, I am afraid. Most colonies of Ice Bats number only 3 to 7 and they are still quite rare. A cave is still good shelter from a sudden storm. Do not let this frightened note keep you out in a storm. – Hagadeh

Ice Bat

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