High Plains

The High Plains are a truly massive region of Nemahay that sprawls for leagues upon leagues. Kintani and Ahtenko are two glimmering jewels that are surrounded by these plains.

The exact borders of the ‘High Plains’ is somewhat unclear. May travelers joke ‘If I can’t see an Ocean, and it isn’t snowing, I must still be in the High Plains.’ This isn’t exactly true, as you can see from the abundant entries in the Geography section of this document, but it is a decent rule of thumb.

The High Plains are home to countless Ork tribes. The Orks of the High Plains follow Stygian from feeding ground to feeding ground and live the lives of nomads. Their culture is a truly fascinating one, and how so many of these tribes survived out in the open during the Age of Isolation is a mystery to me. Their stories speak of the darkest days, and many tribes found in old documents no longer exist, but we are truly blessed by the Passions that these people did not die out.

It is rare, but not unheard of, for there to be more permanent villages out on the High Plains. Many attempted agrarian societies have been started on the rolling fields. However, the sparse vegetation and unpredictable rainfall makes this a trying endeavor. There are also quite a few Vasheeni style kaers nestled below the Plains. Some of these have been cracked open, others could still be sealed and undiscovered as the world moved on over their heads.

High Plains

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