Ahtenko Key Figures

Most of the prominent movers and shakers within the city of Ahtenko are members of the Jubilant Knives, of which there are are approximately 50 active members. Almost all of these active members have their own local entourage and support group, making nearly 1,000 of Ahtenko’s citizens directly tied to the Knives and their fate. Nearly everyone in the city has a ‘friend of a friend’ who is directly affiliated with the city’s founders.

Jubilant Knives

Dewott Roostoh
Fewe Otowewitof
Tetchia Wanul

Danen Rofi
Yomezo Rass

Aya Siropese
Safeh Ometereh

Other Citizens

Atsin Sonegor: Proprieter of the Snore and Boars
Iyowihin: Prominent Weaponsmith and Merchant.
Melison Othhald: Local runner of Enlightened Materials. A decent Wizard in her own right.
Sen Anoranfeh: The ‘Great Adventurer’. Freshly returned from his trips, the Illusionist appears to be harboring an Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Ahtenko Key Figures

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