A Cloak Made of Kaleidoscopic Dark Scales


Maximum Threads: 2
Mystic Defense: 12
Tier: Journeyman

This item has the same default statistics as an Espagra Scale (3/1/0). It was discovered by the players Thrice Forged to Physical (Making it 6/1/0).

First Key Knowledge: Learn the Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: The wearer Gains +1 Rank to Resist Taunt

Thread Rank Two: The wearer Gains +2 Ranks to Impressive Display

Second Key Knowledge: ?
Thread Rank Three: ?

Thread Rank Four: ?

Third Key Knowledge: ?
Thread Rank Five: ?

Thread Rank Six: ?


This magical cloak was discovered in a secluded grove on the body of a crazed Beastmaster.

According to Vix Kintani, the scales of this cloak are not Espagra, but actually some sort of deep sea creature.


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