Beleaguered Trade Leader and Public Relations Master


3rd Circle Weaponsmith


Layla is a Weaponsmith but is far from in charge of operations back home. This trade caravan was her plan, and she took the loss of her friends and family very hard. She took the failures of the caravan upon herself and is now primarily focused on getting her people home.

She is pleased with the alliance she has forged with Atsin and his adepts, but is clearly a long way from considering the group her ‘friends’. They are business partners and little more.

When it comes to ‘business meetings’ she tends to delegate, preferring instead to helm the operation from their enclave. She sends Hei, Mai, and Elsin to most necessary meetings, especially with Atsin’s crew.

When the topic of the ‘return trip’ comes up, Layla remains quite guarded. Claiming that she will do what she can to be back in Drumhead in about eighteen months, but can make few promises beyond that.

Her alliance with Grooge seemed quite forced at first, but in most situations now they seem to be working well together.


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