Armadon Woman, Non-Adept Guard


She may not be an adept, but she’s got the skills to pay the bills. After Atsin’s Adepts treated her poisoning she recovered rapidly and was seen defending the camp within 48 hours, despite physician recommendations otherwise.

She frequently volunteers for projects outside of the safety of the caravan. She speaks the trade tongue, which is uncommon amongst the guards, and she doesn’t immediately draw steel like her supervisor, Grooge. This makes Layla consider her a good choice when it comes to public relations.

Hei is not without her faults, however. She will frequently scoff at how easy city dwellers have it (even in the rough city of Ahtenko) and readily dresses-down anyone who complains to her for not having the right to talk about difficulty. For all of her bluster, however, she seems very intrigued by some aspects of city life. She indulges (when possible) in fine foods and liquor, she enjoys games of chance (and is surprisingly skilled at them), and seems to have more than a passing interest in elfs (though she might break them).

When in her cups she likes to compare stories of rough childhoods and seems to take pride in her Plains upbringing.


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