Atsin Sonegor

An Energetic Entrepeneur


After the Knives founded their rough and ready city of Ahtenko, there were very few Namegivers willing to take the risk and move into the dangerous ruins. A small number of people, however, could see which way the wind was blowing. They took the plunge and many made a decent profit off supporting the Knives. Atsin was one of these speculators.

Atsin took some rudimentary brewing and carpentry knowledge and turned that into an inn. That inn, which he simply dubbed ’Sonegor’s’, was one of the few businesses in early Ahtenko and quickly became a haunt for the Knives. They spent their funds there and the money was promptly reinvested in expanding the enterprise.

Atsin picked up a variety of other useful skills, such as smithing, research, and haggling, and did his best to become a one stop shop for members of the Knives. In time, Atsin found himself buying relics that the Knives had dredged up while taming the ruins. Quickly Sonegor’s Inn hosted a small library and a small shop for the rookie adventurer. Over the years the Inn has become something of an institution of Ahtenko’s. It was built at a very influential crossroads near the main gate and has only expanded from there.

Knives from all walks of life have taken to visiting this Inn on occasion and have given it the far more colorful name of ‘ Snore and Boars’. Sonegor embraced the moniker and had all of his signs re-done with stylistic ‘Zs’ coming out of a suckling pig.

Atsin has sat on a comfortable pile of money for a few years now, he is wealthy, but not abundantly so, and he has worked hard for every silver. He now finds himself with enough wealth to take a risk on a new investment. His old friends amongst the hilt informed him of a fresh bounty for creating a regular caravan to Vasheen and he has jumped at the chance.

His competition will likely have deeper pockets and shallower morals, but he is confident that his team of hand-picked adepts can get the job done. After all, he has seen what a group of adepts with silver in their eyes can accomplish.

Atsin Sonegor

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