Nemahay: The Ravaged Land

Edge of Nowhere

Unbridled Aggression and Lost Resources

From the Culinary Designs of Tywon

After being beset by some rowdy bandits intent on taking down our caravan, much to their dismay and early demise the Brave adventurers tentatively known as “The Horse Slaughters” (name needs some work) bravely took it upon themselves to rid this blighted land of at least one of its plagues. We were able to ascertain the location of the bandit’s main camp and vowed to put these ner-do-wells in the ground as well.

After a delicious breakfast of horse tar-tar sprinkled with crushed pepper, sea salt and just a soussant of cumin the party was ready for its bloody work.

With the help of a few of the Armadons we had grown close to, the HS group headed into the face of danger. We found the camp easily enough. Several tents, a horse corral (from which we could expand on our nefarious name) and several bandits in the open. We knew there should be about a dozen or so and that two of them were adepts.

We discussed many plans of attack. What seemed like weeks of planning was actually only a few minutes and after some buffing we charged into the fray with death following like a whipped puppy at our heels.

Our attack began with some shots into the horse corral to scare the horses off and to announce that it was the dreaded “Horse Slaughters” come to play! This worked well except for one exceptional bandit who was able to grab a horse and mount up. This unfortunate was dropped by our handy Archer Dave who shot him out of the saddle.

The rest of us charged into the camp. Our Scout Loken had recently taken up the bow and showed innate natural talent as he used this unfamiliar weapon to down 2 of the bandits before they even knew what hit them. Tala and Iktomi took the lead as good fighters should and were ambushed by a despicable evil Elementalist named Rybek who perverted the pure art of manipulating the ether of the world into a nasty lighting strike on them. This could not be allowed to continue and we pressed the fight on Rybek with a vengeance! Tala dazzled him with some fancy sword mistress ship trying to prove how good she was by seeing just how close she could get to him without hitting him for several rounds (scary) while Iktomi and Tywon hammered him for what all they were worth. He dropped quickly under our combined onslaught and we found two orphaned children in his tent. The poor Abbin who was forced to betray us and an orc –girl named Serey who also looked abused.

Lucky for them they were taken under the wing of Tywon who would love them and keep them and treat them just as he would his own believe children. He would even teach them his secret art of cooking so they could always have a trade they could rely on.

The fight outside the tent of Rybek was still going on while the main body protected the children. Our Archer Dave proved that he two liked to waste time attacking enemies without hitting them and was almost run down by a horse in Blood Pebble Armor but narrowly escaped. Once we formed back up, the bandits knew they were no match for our might and fled like frightened Thundra Beasts in all directions. We were able to capture one who we interrogated who provided more information about the Orc tribes moving out of the Aseilanmala Forest to stir up trouble in the civilized lands and create issues for Timbertown and other villages. Of course, now that they were foiled they had no choice but to retreat to their homes. The Horse Slaughter’s once more save the day!

There was more talk about the Orc tribes gathering to march on Timbertown itself and wipe it off the map. Since we are not in Timbertown and I was busy creating healing culinary delights for my group I did not pay much attention. If Timbertown cannot protect what is theirs, they have no right to it.

We made it to Drumhead as per our contract and delivered our goods and Armadon companions as promised. Drumhead seems to have two main factions, The Bulgash’s (Orcs) and the Ken’s (Humans). Neither seem particularly amenable to having us Elves around. I find that many of the lesser species seem to be uncomfortable when their betters are around.

We decided to take Serey to the Bulgash Compound so she could say farewell to her old kin before traveling with her new father and brother into exiting adventures. Much to my dismay my fellow adventures SOLD Serey to the Bulgashes for 5 gritroot! What a dastardly and ill-gotten display of greed and low morals! Who ARE these people I have fallen in with? I thought they were of a mind with me but now I see I must watch out for even them. I kept Abbin close lest he be traded for a fancy bobbin or shiny object that one of the party becomes infatuated with. I shall not be parted from another child!

Abbin and I remained locked in our room in the in while the others pursed the loathsome business of trade. While I agree that filthy lucre is important to make ones way in this troubled world I cannot bring myself to trade in Namegiver flesh like my companions are so eager to do.

As our almost legendary military prowess has preceded us we were asked to check on a farm that had not reported in with its cache of gritroot for Papa Bulgash. Upon finding the farm we discovered that it was abandoned. A diary left behind mentioned that the writer’s daughter Zara had gone missing and that the some of the locals were going into the mountains to investigate. The investigation was disrupted by some of the Ken Humans in the mountains. They returned to the farm to stir up the rest of the locals to force a resolution in the mountains and have not yet returned. The fields were harvested though and there was 90 units of gritroot ready to go or WAS there?

I fear that the Horse Slaughter’s will go into the mountains in search of another Orc girl they could sell. If so, I must accompany them if only for the girl’s sake. She must be treated with the respect a newly adopted Lassiter child is entitled to.


  • Everyone gets 200 Legend Points
  • Tywon Lassiter (Dan) gets a further 100!

Atsin’s Caravan:
Currently held by Father Bulgash while the group retrieves and returns his lost shipment of Gritroot.

Edge of Nowhere
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