Welcome to the World of Nemahay!

The entire page is set up as an immense tome compiled by Lichi Gahana and the 12 Pillars. The in-world purpose of this document (with magically enhanced indexing) is to advise starting adventurers of the world around them and protect them from harm.

In many ways, Namahay is similar to the traditional Earthdawn setting of Barsaive, but it has a feeling all of its own. In particular, the region of Nemahay should feel particularly isolated. Neighboring states are known by all but the most uncivilized people. But even knowing that they are not alone, it is a near impossibility for the common man to leave the region. Impenetrable mountains lie to the North, steaming jungles to the South, and a lethal dungeon lies east. The lack of air travel makes the entire region feel lonely and desolate.

This wiki (along with Fourth Edition Earthdawn Material) should provide all you need to adventure in the world of Nemahay. People new to the setting should start here. Otherwise select a category below or search via ‘see all pages’ to the right.

Geographic Locales
Key Figures

Nemahay: The Ravaged Land

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