Population: 102
Breakdown: 53% Dwarf (54), 19% Ork (19), 15% Human (15), 8% Elf (8), 5% Yaguarete (5)


Tseni is a small village one day’s ride west of Ahtenko and is on the most direct line of travel to the East Braid. The town itself is built in the remains of the old quarry that provided ancient Tenko with all of its stone.

As the Scourge neared, the people of Tseni built their homes into the cliff-faces of the quarry, covering their homes in magical runes of protections. The homes were linked further back within the tunnels of the quarry, and the region appears to have weathered the Scourge quite well.

Approximately 150 years ago, for an unknown reason, the locals opened up their kaer and traveled out into the world. A family of dwarfs who remain, the Nantlah Family, can trace their lineage to this time, but the other seventy-odd locals have settled since that time.

With the sudden resurgence of the nearby Ahtenko, there is suddenly a new demand for stone. The people of Tseni seem hesitant to switch their local production from agrarian and the quarry has yet to be reopened.

The vast majority of the town, including Mayor Kzizh, are not pleased to live in the shadow of the Reclaimed City.

The Jubilant Knives reclamation project saw quite a few terrible creatures flee the ruins, some came to this town and decimated the population before the creatures could be pushed back. Every citizen lost someone they loved in those dark days seven years ago. In general this is a topic best left avoided, but these times are referred to as ‘The Assault’ when they must be mentioned

This hostility towards foreign interests has, so far, prevented many entrepreneurs from laying down roots in this village on the edge.

Key Figures of Tseni:
Kzizh Emorgok: Superstitious Mayor
Cinull Nantlah: Owner of the Cliffside Inn
Kheya Nantlah: Full-time guard and yes-woman to Kzizh. Daughter of Manaloh.
Manaloh Nantlah: Great Uncle to Cinull. Another Casualty of the Assault. He now spends his time cooped up making statues of The Assault.
Phaius Goringer: Phaius moved into town only a few months ago. His plans to re-open the quarry have been dashed, but he has yet to be forcibly removed.


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