Tir Tairngire

The Tir is an Elven nation that lies far to the North of Nemahay beyond the Wyrm Peaks.

Theirs is an ancient nation, perhaps even predating Aztlan. The Early History of Tir is an interesting subject, and stands as testament to how low the Scourge can bring a society.

As the Time of Troubles drew near, Tir Elves took a very unique approach to avoiding the Horrors. But their plans did not succeed. Horrors found them and Scourge History of Tir is spotty at best. Some tales remain fully intact, other truths about this dark time seem to be well hidden from all outsiders.

While the nation may be a xenophobic and tortured one, its forests are still quite beautiful. And the sheer volume of its population make it dangerous to discount entirely. The People and Places of Tir are unique, beautiful, and sometimes horrible.

Newer generations of elves are starting to come into maturity who do not remember what life was like during these troubled times, but they are vastly outnumbered by the tormented and paranoid older members of their nation.

Tir Tairngire

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