Population: 240
Breakdown: 39% Elf (94), 21% T’Skrang (50), 13% Ork (31), 12% Dwarf (29), 10% Human (24), 4% Yaguarete (10), 1% Oni (2)


This town was an empty glade a decade ago. As the Jubilant Knives made their play to retake the ruins of Tenko it quickly became apparent that significant infrastructure would be required. The Knives, their mercenaries, and all of their hangers-on quickly wanted to upgrade from canvas tents to more defensible (and comfortable) wooden structures. And thus, Timbertown was born!

Timbertown came into being approximately eight years ago, but nobody seems to recall exactly when. The town began as a small logging business backed by a T’Skrang investor and an [[Elfs | Elfs] knowledgeable in the ways of the woods. This pair hired on Elfs, T’Skrang, and Orks (mostly gathered up from Indechu and its tributaries). This group of forty or so workers begat support staff which begat more workers until the whole place was a self sustaining village.

The original T’Skrang investor, Lisk Indechu, kept control of the town despite her complete lack of understanding forests. A handful of years after the town’s founding, she granted herself the title of ‘Lahalla’ and nobody was interested in arguing the fact.

The town flourished for quite some time, prospering under the protection of the Knives and their mercenaries. Now, however, the mercenaries have mostly moved on to greener pastures. The nearby indigenous population has apparently decided that it’s time to get their due.

Last year, both the Naizhan and the Keresan came individually to the town and told the citizens there, in no uncertain terms, that they had to leave immediately. What followed after both incursions was lots of sword rattling and harsh words, but the tribals left without a fight. Since then, sightings of Ork hunting parties have been spotted more regularly in the woods surrounding the town. Additionally, accidents and fires are becoming increasingly common, especially around remote logging teams. The town has drastically decreased its exports lately to focus instead on building a massive two-tiered palisade.

The increased Ork threat has also caused Timbertown to become an official Ahtenko village. As the first of the official Ahtenko villages, this will provide the city with an opportunity to flex it’s muscles and show that it is capable of defending it’s vassals. To that end, Ahtenko has recently dispatched Charyssa Tarnin as a Sheriff for the town.

Key Figures of Timbertown:
Lisk Indechu: Eccentric Investor and Lahalla of Timbertown.
Aren Spearth: Head of ‘Forlorn Logging’ and man behind the woman.
Charyssa Tarnin: Recently assigned Sheriff.
Hachichan: Runs the Tin-Roof Inn with her little brother, a massive three story complex capable of holding 60 visitors at once (20 in each of 2 public rooms, and ten double occupancy rooms).

  • This is far outside of either tribes’ usual stomping ground. Add in the fact that these two groups have little love lost for one another and this whole situation seems off. Why would they arrive seemingly out of nowhere within a few months of one another? Why would they care for a glade so far from their homes? And neither of these tribes prefer stealth to open combat, especially against a village so ill-prepared to defend itself. Something is very wrong here. – Dzho
  • Likely an individual heard of the opportunity to profit and the other jumped on the bandwagon. From what I hear the raiding parties are small groups, likely private bandits and not actual tribal representatives. Its easy to say you work with someone who is based over one hundred miles away. Whatever the case, Ahtenko doesn’t seem worried about their supplies yet, they haven’t put a single copper bounty on these mysterious ‘Hunting Parties’. – Nahne T’Gen
  • It has been rather dry the past few seasons. Maybe the fires and accidents are just a natural reaction to the rainfall pattern? My records indicate that the woods there haven’t had a good wet season since their founding. Perhaps it is all just superstition. – Kaya Neshi


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