the Forgotten Passion, Innocent One, Herald of Change, Ork-Friend

Tihitabaha was one of the foreign four passions who were originally found by the twins and brought to the Perfect World that would later become Nemahay. Tihitabaha took the side of Peace in the Race War.

Legends and Lore rarely place Tihitabaha as a main character, almost always showing him in a supporting role. Typically he is depicted travelling alongside Chagee, Lindi, or Chedegai. He has also been depicted as supporting heroic adventuring groups, as well as being duped into bringing aid to bearers of darkness.

He is generally depicted as a Kingfisher bird (not to be confused with a blue jay of Chagee). Images tend to show him perched on a shoulder whispering aid into a Namegiver ear. Alternately, he appears as a clean-shaven, and usually eccentric, Dwarf.

There are very few Namegivers who worship Tihitabaha over all other Passions. Though all have been known to ask for his guidance. Questors of Tihitabaha usually rapidly rise through the ranks of organizations, quickly becoming chief advisers.


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