There are many things that could pose a threat to an unwary traveler out in the wilds of Nemahay.

Encountering other Namegivers is always a risk, and should always be done with extreme caution. Ideally, the group will be proudly associated with a given nation or organization. In that case, this guide should provide all you need to interact safely with members of those organizations. Other cases are far too many and varied to be covered in this document, and you will have to use your best judgement when dealing with ‘independent’ travelers.

Otherwise, the threats in Nemahay can be broken down into three general categories:
- Creatures are defined as naturally occurring beings that go through anything resembling a standard life cycle. A few are capable of using magic, but the vast majority are entirely mundane. Don’t let that fool you, however, many potent predators out in the wilds of Nemahay are unable to utilize magic, but still worthy of your respect.

- Constructs are creatures borne of magic. They do not live, breed, and die, as we do. Many are incapable of any means of self-replication. Almost all have the ability to wield some form of magic. Nethermancers are frequently able to call up constructs from the shadow realm, but many far more dangerous constructs are present throughout Nemahay. Potent Horrors have been known to create a bevvy on constructs to slavishly do their bidding. The line between minor Horrors and Constructs is blurry, if we can confirm that multiple of the Horrors still exist within Nemahay we will list them here. If they are exceedingly unique, they would instead fall in the next section.

- Forces of Nature is the catch-all term we use when describing solitary beings or entirely unique threats. These threats could be a localized phenomena, a Dragon and her personal army, or a fearsome Named Horror.


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