The Namegivers who call Nemahay their home are many and varied. Every city is a cosmopolitan haven. Obsidimen and Windlings are by far the least common Namegiver that will be listed below, while Orks are likely the most prevalent no matter where in the region you happen to be.

Armadon: These huge, armored Namegivers hail primarily from the Desiccated Plains. Neither the libraries of Vasheen nor the halls of Kintani have any record of these people before Scourge. This lack of information has put a serious strain on any large scale discussions between them and the other peoples of Nemahay. The more ignorant fear that these creatures are meerly seeming polite but are actually some form of Horror Construct.

Dwarfs: Most Dwarfs in Nemahay can trace their lineage back to proud lines from within the city of Vasheen. Deep in every Dwarfs heart is a desire to build something greater than themselves. They build homes, families, guilds, and even Kingdoms. Vasheen is Dwarf by a vast majority, as are their satellite communities. But any strong village will have at least one Dwarf family.

Elfs: The long lived nature of the elf sees them as a wonderful repository for information. Their kind is well respected in Vasheen and Kintani both. While many follow scholarly ways of life in these cities, still more seem to prefer the rural and rustic living out in the harsh lands of Nemahay. While Elfs are common in Nemahay proper, Tir Tairngire lies to the North and their population is almost exclusively Elf.

Humans: Humans seem to be something of the water that allows for our societies to mix. They are as mutable as the seas, and as understanding as Shoosh. It seems that a human is capable of following any walk of life and meeting acceptance there.

Obsidimen: Obsidimen are beings made of pure rock. They have always been exceedingly rare in Nemahay and now appear to be even more uncommon. They are born from liferocks, the locations of which are a closely guarded secret. Scholars have put together a few guesses as to where Obsidimen may be, most signs point to the deep mountains of the Wyrm Peaks. Legends abound that angry and destructive beings of pure rock live near the fabled Den. These legends have yet to be corroborated.

Oni: Oni hail from a distant land known as Nippon. During better times, the city of Vasheen had established a portal known as the Jaunting Hall to allow travel to and from this mysterious land. A five hundred strong contingent of Oni were on this side when the hall unexpectedly failed and they were forced to remain here during the Age of Isolation. Their kind has since flourished in the lower quarters of Vasheen, now numbering somewhere around four thousand. Only a few dozen leave the city to roam the rest of Nemahay.

Orks: The High Plains Tribes are made up primarily of Orks. They ride hard, they fight hard, and they celebrate hard. Few races are hale enough to keep up with these Nomadic peoples, and fewer still want to try to scratch out such a hard life. Outside of the tribes, Orks can be found in many walks of life, typically as a laboring class in the larger villages.

T’Skrang: Rivers are the lifeblood of Nemahay and the T’skrang control the rivers. The Five Families make up the various factions of T’Skrang and few of these lizard folk are found far from the rivers or the families that birthed them.

Trolls: Trolls are a rare sight in Nemahay and are believed to be a subset of the Ork species. Very rarely, when an Ork mother is expecting a small litter of children, she instead births an enormous and brutish Troll child. These Namegivers grow fast and rapidly prove to be a boon to whatever tribe they ride with. They are deemed to be a gift from a Passion and they frequently find their way into the path of becoming Questors. Very rarely, a Troll proves to be intelligent enough to lead a tribe, and on those days, all of Nemahay trembles.

Windlings: The fate of the Windlings is curious and mysterious. They are a small folk that were supposedly peaceful pranksters. But, as Gloehiba before them, they went mad during the Age of Isolation. All tales agree that, approximately one hundred years after being sealed away, their kind grew irrational and violent. They were purged from their kaers and subsequently from Nemahay. It is said that they still have homes in some of the larger forests and jungles, but that their villages are comprised of creatures just as mad as the legends foretold; minute beings that feast on flesh and bathe in blood.

Yaguarete: These cat-like people hail from the jungles near Aztlan. These fur covered Namegivers are known for their passion and quick-temper. Some regions of Aztlan consider it a status symbol to break the Yaguarete to their will. As one might imagine, this causes significant enmity between the two. Outside of their jungles, Yaguarete are somewhat rare, but not unheard of, most frequently they are hired on as enforcers by Families that need extra hands. The Keresan and Peaku also have a fair number of Yaguarete that have adopted their migratory ways.


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