The terms ‘Ork’ and ’ High Plains Tribal have gone hand-in-hand since the beginning of the Age of Discovery. It is not that all Orks lived in these tribes, but the tribes were made up entirely of stalwart Orks (as well as a few Brutes).

The tribes had inherited Nemahay while the ‘civilized’ folk were away, and the hale nature of the Ork added to its fecundity saw it as the only real force that could survive in their harsh new world.

Sure, some Ork families hid in various Kaers or in the Kintani citadel, but these people were almost always second class citizens in their homes. The discovery of these tribes captured the imagination. And, while the tribes can still be savage and terrifying, there is something romantic about the image of the disregarded lower class growing to control the land.

Now, however, the tribes are finding themselves challenged again. Vasheen has gone to war multiple times Oodham, making them more suspicious of Orks than most. The people of Kintani have managed (mostly) peaceful contact with the nearby Ashiwi. The Families are consistently butting heads with various raiding parties across the land. Everyone who sets foot outside of civilization will have a tribal tale.

The cross-pollination is everywhere. Some Orks have opted for the easier (if more cryptic) life of living in villages or cities. Some Namegivers have heard the call of the wild and attempted to join various tribes and raiding parties.

Long story short, the Ork is everywhere. They are the stewards of our homeland, they are the backbone upon which everything is built.

Renowned Orks

Sozi Yahzzi


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