Below is a list of large groups of Namegivers. Within the borders of Nemahay, these groups have organized into city states with various levels of connection to the outside world. North, South, and East, however seems to be a more unified presence.

Within Nemahay:
Ahtenko was built on the ruins of Tenko. It is a city run by a former group of adventurers that rests in the shadow of the Desiccated Plains and is beseiged from within and without.

The Five Families are a group of five smaller cities that lie on various waterways throughout Nemahay. The Families tend to work towards the same ends, but each has its own goals and unique culture.

Kintani: A human dominated nation that ideally seeks for truths and knowledge but is rapidly falling into political infighting and decay.

Vasheen: An underground city-state on the southwest coast. Near the epicenter of the Broken Coast.

There are also a variety of Ork tribes large enough to influence the geo-political landscape. In general they are referred to as the High Plains Tribes, though their affiliations with one another are loose at best.

Bordering Nemahay:
Aztlan: A large nation covered in jungles. Takes up the whole southern border of the region. Run by living Passions and powered with blood.

Silver Traders: A mythical Empire to the east beyond the Desiccated Plains. According to rumor, the area is full of T’skrang traders unaffiliated to the groups of Nemahay that ply the Silver River. Distant High Plains Tribes supposedly have a semi-permanent trading outpost along this river named Cahokia.

Tir Tairngire: A nation to the north beyond the Wyrm Peaks. The people of the Tir are incredibly paranoid and keep their borders closed to all but those who prove worthy. Elfs might find it simpler to traverse the border, but still it is no simple task.

With the largest groups out of the way, this document will also attempt to discuss as many villages as it reasonably can.


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