Nantlah Family

The Nantlah family were a very influential family in the village of Tseni as recently as seven years ago. However, when a pack of Gnashers were forced out of Ahtenko by the Jubilant Knives, the Nantlahs suffered staggering losses, both in lives and in influence.

During (or perhaps slightly after?) the attack, the mayor of the city, Ji’ir Nantlah, fled with the city’s wealth. He left with a small retinue of Namegivers (mostly other Nantlah members and Sycophants). Where precisely he fled to remains a mystery, but all citizens of Tseni would spit on the ground and curse his name to the Passions if he is brought up.

Still, Tseni has survived these passed few years. And, while it was fairly embarassing to be a Nantlah in Tseni, its not like they had many other places to go. Today there are still around twenty-five members of clan Nantlah that call the quarry town their home. Most citizens of the family are keeping their head low while attempting to regain their lost reputation.

Cinull Nantlah is taking a different tack and more or less dismissing his heritage. He runs a service industry that brings him into contact with all kinds, big and small. He seems to have no designs on power, and revels in spreading the small town’s gossip. He is easy to laugh, warm, and imminently approachable. Its almost enough to forget that his Great Uncle nearly doomed a whole town of Namegivers.

Nantlah Family

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