The Mad Passion, The Crone, The Deceiver, Bearer of the Spurned, The Sorrowful

Maibi went mad during the Scourge and become the Mad Passion that is much maligned today.

It is generally frowned upon to speak of Maz in polite company, but she is included in this Tome for completion’s sake. There are no true ‘Legends’ from after her turn, though there are rumors of her traveling the land and ensuring that our crops wither and our families turn on one another.

These days she is typically depicted as a dried out husk, sometimes as a corn-husk doll, sometimes as an old Human crone.

Any Questor of Maz is insane, make no mistake. Typically they act alone or in small ‘covens’. They are a poison to any community they share and should be immediately reported to the nearest authority and removed. The Vasheen in their wisdom, place a bounty on every Maz related trinket (and previous owner’s ear) that is turned in to their guard.


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