Jubilant Knives

You draw your blade and call what happens next diplomacy. A firm hand on the grip sends a message just as well and is less likely to end in bloodshed.Tetchia Wanul

The Jubilant Knives are an organization that has its roots in the very beginning of the Age of Discovery. Ex-patriots from the Tir, former scouts of Vasheen, scholars of Kintani, all came together and swore an oath for mutual prosperity.

The exact details of the oath remain a mystery, but groups affiliated with the Knives could be found wandering Nemahay for the decades following this initial oath. Some twenty years ago, most of the members of the Knives traveled into the Desiccated Plains on a rather mysterious adventure. Legends abound of their battles there with Horrors and Dragons, but it is certain that the group returned with significant wealth.

Despite their copious wealth, the group jumped into action when Aztlan began sending slaving parties into the Cacoatl Jungle: A region in the south of Nemahay forming the border with Aztlan. Most Yaguarete from the region call the Cacoatl home.. What followed is known to people in the area as the Skirmishes. Fighting continued for a few years as Aztlan threw good money after bad attempting to capture the exotic Yaguarete in the jungles and eventually decided the expense simply wasn’t worth it.

Once the Aztlan forces left the jungles, the Knives were no longer needed and they left the natives to their business.

Approximately seven years ago they rolled into the ruins of Tenko and dubbed it the reclaimed city of Ahtenko. At the time they had around twenty members, and a few hundred mercenary affiliates. Clearing the ruins proved to be an immense challenge, and many lost their lives in these early years of rehabilitation.

After beginning the city’s reconstruction, the group split into a few clear factions. Each faction was nominally poised to follow the uniform goal of ‘reclaiming the city’, but have recently fallen to spying on one another. Some claim that members of the Knives have succumbed to the influences of the Horrors. Others claim that the Knives are simply eccentric adventurers that are seeking to outdo one another and maintain their legendary status.

Each group of the Knives seems to pursue objectives that would lead to the betterment of Ahtenko on the whole, their priorities simply differ. However, all groups seem to agree that the best way to get things done is to place bounties on key tasks. Perhaps it is because the leadership of this town was once former adventurers, here above all other places in Nemahay, money gets things done.

Edge: Self identified ‘edgers’ believe in aggressive expansion plans. They are fully behind the old saying that the best defense is a good offense. Edge groups are by far the most vocal and well known outside of Ahtenko, placing bounties on all manner of Horrors and raiders alike. These bounties can bring people in from across Nemahay to collect, trade, and eventually settle.

Grip: Those of the grip believe that they need a much stronger hold on heir own city before they can go out and attempt to solve the rest of Nemahay’s ills. They place bounties on mapping sections of Ahtenko. Their standing bounties for clearing the shelter beneath the city are generally regarded as quite generous, even though it is rather risky. Those that look down on the grip say that the group should stop grabbing itself and get its hands elsewhere.

Brace: Bracers believe that the larger threats to society don’t come from within Ahtenko, but without. They work diligently to rebuild the city’s walls and place a high priority on organizing trade agreements with the locals. Recently they have begun subsidizing caravans and trade routes. The goal of any good bracer is to win the hearts and minds of the locals, and when that fails, be prepared to defend yourself.

Today, the Jubilant Knives are an adventuring group some fifty strong, their numbers swelling since the reclamation of the city. The group is split approximately evenly between the three factions.

Jubilant Knives

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