Locations of nature, natural borders, horror tainted regions. Places no-longer inhabited by Namegivers or where the land influences the Namegivers, not the other way around.

Asaelya Nahmala: Is the tribal name for what the people of Ahtenko refer to simply as the ‘East Forest’. The forest straddles the East Braid. It borders Naizhan and Keresan Territory and the village of Timbertown was recently founded within the dense and ancient wood. This appears to have caused a fair bit of consternation from the nearby tribals.

Boiling Bog: On the coast of the Sea of Storms, surrounded by the Dessicated Plains, a swamp exists that is frequently wracked with storms, the water from which evaporates into the very air making it appear as though the water boils from the ground.

Broken Coast: The Southern portion of the land along the Far Ocean near Vasheen is commonly referred to as the ‘Broken Coast’ due to its jagged geography. The Silento Cluster is frequently lumped in with this region.

Cacoatl Jungle: A region in the south of Nemahay forming the border with Aztlan. Most Yaguarete from the region call the Serpiente home.

Desiccated Plains: A region completely devoid of water, it stands as a stark reminder of the damage the Horror’s have wrought. It is said that water is drawn from the bodies of Namegiver’s who pass within this region. Armadon call this region home.

Enlightened Ocean: A legendary ocean that lies far to the east. Massive airships have been known to come out of this sea and spread knowledge, only to disappear back from whence they came.

Far Ocean: An ocean sprawling to the west of Nemahay. The common folk claim that it is an ocean without end.

High Plains: A general name for the rolling plains that take up most of the central region of Nemahay.

Nemahay: Nemahay is a word which translates from the human into ‘friendly helpful soil’. Colloquially, it can be used interchangeably to mean both all lands everywhere and the specific region of land bordered by the Coatl to the South, the Far Ocean to the West, the Wyrm Peaks to the North, and the Desiccated Plains to the East. In an effort to maintain clarity this document will use Nemahay to mean the above region. When referring to all lands we will refer to the element in its capitalized form e.g. ‘Earth’.

Shale Mounds: The Shale Mounds are a large hilly region to the west of the Desiccated Plains. The range straddles the East Braid and follows it for some distance south away from the Plains. The closer one gets to the Plains, the more this region earns its moniker. The hills rapidly become devoid of life and become plagued with sink holes and loose soil. The hills are difficult to traverse, but not impossible, but there is little desirable on either side of the range.

Sea of Storms: To the east of the Cacoatl, south of the Dessicated Plains, lies a body of water that is wracked with storms. When violent weather does not tear through the region, the sea is calm and tranquil, making travel difficult.

Wyrm Peaks: The most well-known lair of Verdant Dawn. Mountains that press valleys against the ocean to the west.


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