About one tenth of the Namegiver population of Nemahay are capable of wielding the forces of magic. These people are referred to as Adepts.

As we all know, wielding magic is simply a matter of focusing on the correct threads in the correct patterns. Therefore, to become a potent adept, a Namegiver must focus their worldview in a very specific way. These different focuses are generally referred to as Disciplines and, as Adepts achieve new feats in their Disciplines, they increase in Circle and recognition amongst their peers.

According to Legend, Disciplines vary throughout any land populated by Namegivers. As the teachings are passed down and adapted over time. In and around Nemahay, there are many Disciplines that are commonly followed.

- Archers: An Archer focuses on their destination and on striking it from a distance. They cut through interference and take the most direct approach to problems.
- Beastmasters: A Beastmaster is at one with nature. They tend to take on aspects of the regions they call home and many gain the abilities to speak with and fight alongside Creatures.
- Blood Mages – Blood is a powerful resource within Aztlan. They have perfected its use and many of their ranking personalities follow the Discipline of the Blood Mage.
- Boatmen: The Five Families always have a need for a clever Boatman. They can read the rivers and keep their crew and cargo safe.
- Cavalrymen: The way of the Cavalryman is uncommon in present day Nemahay. Its believed that this Discipline originated from the people of Vasheen and was prevalent before the Scourge.
- Elementalists: An Elementalist wields the five forces of the natural world.
- Ghosts: The elves of Tir Tairngire suffered a unique fate during the Scourge. Borne out of this fate is the potent Ghost. It relies and stealth and wit to overcome ancient beings of pure evil.
- Horror Stalkers: Since the Scourge there has been a growing movement to destroy the vile beings that still prowl Nemahay. A Horror Stalker typically claims Ahtenko as their home and base of operations due to the high bounty the city puts on Horrors and their ilk.
- Illusionists: An Illusionist relies on slight-of-hand and subterfuge to accomplish their desires. The most potent of Illusionists tend to hail from Tir Tairngire
- Liberators: It is said that among the enslaved of Aztlan there is a growing group that desires to become Freemen. Most do so only with whispers and prayers, but a Liberator is one of the brave few willing to take action against his captors.
- Nethermancers: A Nethermancer communes with the Spirits of Shadow. While this may include the dead, it also cleaves closely to nightmarish beings such as the Horrors.
- Outriders: The ork tribes of the High Plains are truly a fearsome sight to behold in battle. They hit like lightning and move like thunder. A true outrider will dispatch its foe before the foe can even react.
- Samurai: The Oni of Vasheen cleave to a very particular moral code. This code colors every aspect of their lives. The foolish would call a samurai a warrior, but then they would be missing the poetry within these creatures.
- Scouts: A scout is a powerful ally in the wilds of Nemahay. They are at home in the wilds and difficult to elude.
- Swordmasters: A Swordmaster is typically a dashing and boisterous adventurer. It is the most prevalent discipline among the Five Families
- Thieves: A thief can be honorable, though most are not. They can be found amongst any group that is large enough to allow for stealth and subterfuge.
- Traveled Scholars: A Traveled Scholar is valued in any civilized region of Nemahay. They tend to congregate in places of learning. As such, Kintani and Vasheen both have fairly large populations of scholars.
- Troubadours: The Legends of Nemahay are difficult to track and countless have been lost since the Scourge. A Troubadour is a living record of this knowledge and they travel the world to reclaim it.
- Warriors: A warrior is common amongst any civilized culture. Anyone who has anything knows that they must defend it from everyone else.
- Weaponsmiths: A weaponsmith has focused all of his efforts on the betterment of others. A good weaponsmith is worth his weight in silver.
- Wizards: A wizard is a spellcaster with a scholarly bent. The people of Kintani value wizards highly and many prevalent wizards make their home there.


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