Dutiful Father, The Deliberate, Craftsman of Regret

One of the first four Passions to learn the gift of Naming, Chedegai stayed behind with Gloehiba while his other brothers explored the world. While the trickster waited, the creator built. He learned how to harness flame, work wood, and forge metals. He begat from his forge a dutiful son, Bisojah, and a beautiful daughter, Maibi. Seeing it as his task to lay forth the ground work for the rest of the Passions he continued to create. It was Gloehiba that took up one of these creations and helped it become Klesh, and it was then that the world was drowned.

Chedegai felt that the catastrophe rested upon his shoulders, and began to move slower as he bore the weight of his failure. From that point forward he always thought well in advance of action. When his son championed the cause of the Dwarfs, Chedegai counseled caution. When the situation fully devolved to War, Chedegai wept. With his daughter and other Passions at his side they eventually went to the Namegivers, eventually winning the war through peace. Yet still Chedegai was sorrowful that something he had created was responsible for so much destruction.

Indeed, Chedegai’s suffering does not end there. During the Scourge he lost his daughter to the Horrors as she was twisted into Maz. How fate can be so cruel to a Passion that has brought so much good into the world, none can say.

Typically this Passion appears as an enormous grey tortoise or a wizened old Ork.

Almost every Namegiver makes sacrifices to Chedegai before significant events in their lives. Asking for the master craftsman to forge strong inter-personal bonds, marriages that will last forever, children that will never go astray, etc. Many in the ruling class tend to worship Chedegai above all others. Skilled craftsmen, when not following Chagee, usually worship Chedegai. Questors of Chedegai are fairly common, usually forming into politically active groups in their communities. These men and woman can usually be trusted to have the communities best interests at heart and any group would be lucky to have a backbone of Chedegai Questors supporting them.


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