Seeker of the Horizon, Father to Hordes, The Wandering

Chagee was one of the four original Passions. Alongside his twin sister Gahbi they set off to explore the entire world. Together they brought back many Passions and their people.

After the loss of the Perfect World, Chagee took up the cause of the Orkish people.

His followers include explorers and adventures, but the High Plains Tribes are his most fervent supporters. A vast majority of them claim to be direct descendants of Chagee, thus the moniker ‘Father to Hordes’. His legends speak of him as a trailblazer who was as cunning as he was inquisitive. It is generally agreed that he was the most brilliant commander on the field of battle.

His typical forms include a particularly large Blue Jay or a rather burly Ork.

Questors of Chagee are, surprisingly, rarely found on the High Plains. Instead they are frequently found pushing the boundaries of the known world and rediscovering the many things which we have lost. Most Questors are still of Orkish decent, but any Namegiver can be found following Chagee, especially if they make their living exploring Horror-infested ruins.


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