Beginner's Guide

The document you hold in your hands is the Traveler’s Guide to Nemahay. Dozens of adepts have spent hundreds of hours toiling over this labor at the behest of High Duke Legainah. The primary contributors to this document are known collectively as the 12 Pillars. These men and women have spent their very lives charting the world as it is now recognized. And I, Lichi Gahana, stand humbled, first among equals as the Chief Compiling Editor of this document.

The information held within this document is as factually accurate as is possible. Where opinions differ amongst the Pillars, individual notes may be found to shed some light (or perhaps cast shadows) on the object of discussion.

Through the combined efforts of Troubadours and Traveled Scholars alike, this document is capable of pointing you directly at the information you wish to know. If you are with a school trip, perhaps you should best begin with the History of Nemahay. That section serves as a guide to our ancient past up to our dreadful times hidden away. From there, our history gives way to today!

If history seems dry, perhaps you will be interested in reading of the sweeping majesty that Nemahay’s natural works have to offer. While those with a more political bent may be more interested in the nations that lurk behind the geography. Nemahay and its neighbors are not without their own share of tensions.

For a more structured approach to that which we already know, perhaps you would be interested in a by-the-numbers breakdown of all of the Namegivers who have been known to call Nemahay home. Finally, if high adventure is more your speed, you could peruse the Disciplines that travel Nemahay. Perhaps you will can find the path to call your own.

If not of the above is quite what you are looking for, please contact the nearest librarian for assistance. If this page appeared in error, please deposit this book in the nearest bin.

Beginner's Guide

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