Aztlan is a seemingly monolithic empire that lies just the South of Nemahay.


Aztlan is built upon the back of its laborers. It uses a class system to determine the various roles of people throughout their society. The lowest role is that of ‘Cohuet’ or ‘Worker’ which for all intents and purposes is synonymous with ‘slave’. There is a higher ‘Callahama’ (‘Builder’) class and then a ‘Cacamuele’ (‘Thinker’) class. The highest echelons of their society are ‘Axqualli’ (‘Leader’) who usually take on the roles of priests, blood mages, and other political offices.

The very top of the heap is the Council of Five. They appear to split their duties based on geographic location making them somewhat akin to our Kings and Magistrates. Whenever an issue that would affect the entire nation comes up, all the councilors gather in the capital Tenochtitlan to discuss and vote on what must be done.

Relations with Nemahay:

Aztlan frequently sends envoys to the city-states of Nemahay and relations between the Empire and these states are tense. There is ample trade between Aztlan, The Families, and Vasheen, but that is typically where the relationship ends. Once every few years Aztlan makes a push to include the people of Nemahay in their borders, and every year they are told that the Free People are not interested. Typically this results in a veiled threats from the Aztlan Diplomats met by a fair amount of supplication and beneficial business terms by the Free People.

  • Perhaps the people of Vasheen bow low to these threats, but that is not how business is done amongst the Families. If an envoy were to threaten them, they would soon find themselves dragged behind a Tseedeesatohi. – Nahne T’Gen
  • Right. Because Aztlan would continue to trade with people who murder their holy envoys in cold blood. – Ahnanai
Other Relations:

Aztlan has many concerns beyond bringing Nemahay into the fold. To the South is the mystical land of Amazonia. A region that is ruled by feathered serpents, ape men, and snake queens. It is said that these two nations have been waging an eternal war against one another that only took a brief pause during the Scourge.

Besides that, they have established trade along the Silver River to the East. Most vessels that traverse the Sea of Storms are in their employ or carry their cargo. And, if the rumors are to be believed, they have even developed vessels massive and reliable enough to traverse the far oceans and trade with the fabled lands of Indrisa, Cathay, and our own peers in Nippon. I believe that perhaps a vessel or two has made it this far since the Scourge, but I sincerely doubt that anything resembling ‘trade’ occurs between these people and Aztlan.

  • I must agree with my peer. If trade between Aztlan and Nippon were commonplace would the Oni not simply return to their homes? – Nehas Uhlso
  • Do not speak of what you do not understand. – Tsunoragasan


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