Population: 475
Breakdown: 34% T’Skrang (162), 26% Human (123), 14% Dwarf (67), 11% Elf (52), 9% Ork (43), 5% Yaguarete (23), 1% Armadon (5)


This village of nearly 500 sits right upon the Knot and fancies itself an independent trading hub. Despite this ‘independence’, Shinumetu and Indechu both exact tribute from the village and provide little in return. The village’s relative distance from the family capitals and from the city of Ahtenko make it a low priority for the power players of Nemahay. Indechu is spending most of their time investing in Phibium on the coast, Shinumetu is working on the massive canal project, and Ahtenko has yet to convince even the closest villages to submit to their leadership.

Village History

The village of Alnadotzli has a rich history that extends back as far as our history texts can reach. It is believe that, during the Race War, Alnadotzli was a large city rivaling the capitals of any of the families. Through a tragedy that is only documented through myth and legend as ‘The Flash Drought’ the city was lost and since then Alnadotzli has been the site of only modest villages.

Alnadotzli did not have the funds to survive the Scourge in Vasheen fashion nor did they have the know-how to follow the documents released by Kintani. The village itself ended with a whimper in the days leading up the Scourge as all the citizens fled to other shelter.

In 15 AO, a group of wealthy t’skrang on the outs with their families as well as some prominent human farmers from the area refounded Alnadotzli with the intention of making it an independent port of call that could assist travelers.

The town has grown steadily since these early days and so far has avoided earning the ire of any group. The laws of this village are unsurprisingly lax and whoever has the largest purse will have the ear of the town’s leadership.

Key Figures of Alnadotzli

Shivalahalla Oren Alna: Lifelong ruler of Alnadotzli. This elderly t’skrang is the son of one of the founders of post-Scourge Alnadotzli. He is interested in one thing and one thing alone, coin. Why then he pays the tribute demanded by the Shinumetu and Indechu is a mystery.

Parel Alna: Cousin twice-removed from Oren Alna, Parel rapidly climbed the ranks to be captain of the guard in Alnadotzli. In many ways he is a sycophant, eager to impress his cousin. Rumors persist, however, that he is looking for a leg-up on the old ‘Shivalahalla’ and is eager to make a big play.

Hiyark Bonesetter: This dwarf runs a sizable cartel in Alnadotzli and handles all slaving affairs in the area. He has reportedly preyed upon lawful citizens of Ahtenko and other surrounding areas, taking Namegivers into slavery involuntarily. If that is true, it is clearly amoral, but Shivalahalla Alna has made no statement. Hiyark has a close relationship with the Families, especially the Maricaash. His money, influence, and knowledge make him a powerful dwarf to upset.

Charek and Dew Fier: This human/elf couple run the largest inn in Alnadotzli, ‘Submerge’. It rests against the river and has a partially flooded stone basement that is meant to cater to visiting t’skrang merchants. It also has dry rooms upstairs and delicious spiced fish.


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