While the City of Vasheen was protected by its cunning builders and the City of Kintani had wise sages that built complex protections into their very foundations, the Democratic City of Tenko did not have as clear of a path before them.

As the Age of Isolation neared, the Senate of Tenko elected to follow Vasheen’s underground hold plans. But at the last moment they switched strategies and attempted to match the orichalcum walls of Kintani. Both projects were attempted, neither was completed, and the city was savaged by the Horrors.

For some time, the remains of Tenko stood as a ruin and an eyesore in the shadow of the Desiccated Plains. A strong testament to the fickle nature of Namegivers and the need for strong hands in trying times. But in the past few years a guild of adventurers known as the Jubilant Knives have moved in to the ruins. Chasing the most heinous creatures out of the ruin and declaring the City open for business, rebranding the City ‘Ahtenko’.

Since then, the City has grown and done its fair share of rebuilding. It is generally considered wise to stay on the town’s outskirts, as darker things live within and below, but for the most part the region is safe. The Knives are said to bicker frequently amongst themselves, greatly factionalizing their City and their public works. But, should their populace ever be threatened, the Knives stir themselves from their retirement and keep their people safe.

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  • This ‘City’ is backwards at best and a deathtrap at worst. It seems everyone is a spying eye for one faction or another. They spend more time attempting to outdo one another than they do actually combating Horrors. It can serve as a waystation to returning to more civilized lands, but I wouldn’t expect much more from it. – Gehodzi
  • Gehodzi’s words are a little unfair. The proud people of the city are certainly paranoid, but they have every right to be. They are attempting something that has never been attempted before, they are reclaiming their fallen Citadel from the beasts that terrorized us for centuries. They may fall victim to bickering from time to time, but their progress in a just few short years is truly astounding, and every trip through those walls is an adventure. – Kaya Neshi
  • Yes, an adventure that is likely to be your last. – Beal Dohto


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