Ghosts are renowned horror slayers and assassins home-grown in Tir Tairngire. The Discipline descended from the Royal Guard of the various princes of the Tir, but the Age of Isolation saw this time honored position change drastically. The largest risk to a Prince suddenly changed from assaults of political rivals to subtle attacks aiming to poison his very mind by the Horrors that had invaded their forest. It became required for Princes to all host a bevy of troops that could root out this corruption. Not only would these new soldiers have to notice the problem before it could taint their Prince, they would have to be able to defeat the problem handily as well, and thus the Ghost became common.

The Legends from Tir Tairngire explain how any member of the Royal Guard could be a Ghost, or perhaps a Handmaiden, or a humble servant to the Prince, anyone close to him could take up the charge with the best interest of their Prince in mind and stamp out Horrors in secret. Theirs was work that was needed, but work that rarely gained attention of its own accord.

Since the re-opening of Tir Tairngire’s borders, rumors have spread that many Ghosts have entered into Nemahay proper to begin an extended mission of spying so that they can determine just how corrupted, tainted, and evil all Namegivers are here in the ‘Southlands’.

A Ghost will never reveal himself to be one if he has any option, far more regularly he will take on the guise of other, similar Disciplines like that of the Archer, Thief, or Horror Stalker. It is said that there is a secret signal between Ghosts so that they might recognize their own kind, but if this is true, none of our Pillars know of it.

But is this suspicion well founded? If there were Ghosts living amongst us would they be doing harm or good? It is difficult to tell and there are clearly proponents of both sides, but a powerful Adept with Talents specifically designed for slaying Horrors and rooting out corruption? This sounds like a powerful ally indeed.

Renowned Ghosts:

None. A ‘renowned ghost’ makes as much sense as an ‘authentic duplication’.

  • Very few of the selected Pillars have any real experience with the people of the Tir. Still, I would be lax in my duties if I didn’t mention this: just because they refused to share it with you, Lichi Gahana, it does not mean that nobody knows this information. – Nahne T’Gen
  • A) I do not like your tone, lizard. B) That grammar was atrocious, who taught you Vasheeni? – Basheel

Mechanics for Creating a Ghost Character

Important Attributes: Dexterity, Perception, Willpower

Karma Ritual: Sneaking away into a silent and uninterrupted meditation for 30 minutes. During this meditation the Adept recalls all past foes he has defeated and then focuses on the foes that continue to vex him.

Artisan Skills: Embroidery, Wood Carving

Half Magic: A Ghost may use half magic to identify anything related to a Horror. He may also use half magic on Charisma related Talent checks that would corroborate his identity (as a Ghost is rarely themselves).

Novice Talent Options:
Awareness, Climbing, Danger Sense, Disguise Self, Impressive Display, Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Read/Write Language, Tracking, Wilderness Survival

First Circle:
Durability: 5
Free Talent: Ghost Analysis
Karma: You may spend a Karma when targeting or being targeted by a Horror or Horror Construct.
Talents: Astral Sight, Avoid Blow, Stealthy Stride, Steel Thought, Threadweaving (Ghostweaving)

Second Circle:
+1 Social Defense
Shift Mark

Third Circle:
You may spend Karma on Initiative Tests
Dispel Magic

Fourth Circle
+1 Physical Defense

Journeyman Talent Options: Astral Interference, Banish, Diplomacy, Engaging Banter, Fast Hand, Orbiting Spy, Steel Thought, Steely Stare, Swift Kick, Tiger Spring

Fifth Circle
Blending: For 2 Strain, the adept gains +2 to all tests that involve hiding information. Slough Blame, Lying, Disguising, and the like.
Karma: The adept can spend Karma on a Damage Roll when going earlier in the round than his opponent.
Talent: Power Mask

Sixth Circle:
Social Defense +2
Evidence Analysis

Seventh Circle:
Mystic Armor +1
Slough Blame

Eighth Circle:
Physical Defense +2
Spirit Weapon


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