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  • Early History of Tir

    The area most people of the Known Lands colloquially refer to as Tir was settled by a loose confederation of elven tribes as far back as any can remember. Tales of the heavily forested highlands and their arboreal splendor maintained by its spiritually …

  • History of Nemahay

    The deference between myths and fact is blurry at best. Whenever [[PassionsList | Passions]] arrive in the histories stories get conflated and the truth of the matter becomes difficult to track. While keeping an eye to actual factual history. There are …

  • Tenko

    Tenko was a city that attempted to build both a Citadel and a Kaer and ended up building neither. The Jubilant Knives moved in and rechristened the city [[Ahtenko]] just a few years ago.

  • Ahtenko History

    h2. Tenko Before the Age of Isolation h3. The Beginnings Before the Scourge, the [[Desiccated Plains]] were a lush and vibrant jungle. The jungles were a source of many exotic materials, both mundane and magical. But the riches of the wilds were not …