Nemahay: The Ravaged Land

Bizarre Bazaar
Securing Interest and Checking Gains

From the Memoirs of Gen

Atsin summoned our team after a short hiatus to prepare us for the Bazaar, a week long event where sales go untaxed in the city of Ahtenko. Apparently, our little caravan has been noticed by the Jubilant Knives and we have been sent a subtle invitation to join a shadow game they host each year. These games invite the highest potential heroes to gather three artifacts hidden during the Bazaar. The rules seem to be quite vague and completely guided by one’s own conscience. I plan to charm and swindle my way to the required information but if that fails I have faith my colleagues can suss out solutions through more traditional and brute forced methods. Atsin’s only wisdom was to meet Aya Siropese of the Grip for leads. Fortunately for us, Dave had already found a thread item, Faerie mail worn by a Knight of Quinzel, which required a book under her possession. Our second lead was noticed by the keen eyes of Tala; Tetchia of the Brace had some particularly gaudy and new bracers on her person and being of the Knives may be able to impart some secrets.

Tala’s relationship with Tetchia was stronger than many mentor and student’s I have seen; in no time Tetchia was divulging pertinent information to Tala. Tetchia’s attempt at subtlety was endearing but, to be honest, swordmasters have very little acumen for such things and mainly focus on stunning displays. She led us to believe an ork vendor will be selling the bracer’s that Tala has seen with her own eyes, we just need to find this person with haste.

Our bookish contractor, Jonah Gripsley, was able to write us a letter of recommendation to speak with Aya and off we went. A gloomy servant answered the door. With a little flash of ivory and a small bit of silver from your’s truly he led us to his master. Aya proved to be largely business but the icy demeanor of many can’t continue to rime in the presence of the warm-hearted Gen. After some light flattery and well executed business she loosened her reserve about our group. Aya rented the book, “Of the Wanderings of Elves in the early days of isolation” for 90 silver and a 200 silver deposit and offered us more information on the Ssadow game in the morning. A meeting was made for two hours passed the dawn.

The book we checked out from Aya’s personal library may serve the needs of Iyohiwn the Weapon Smith mentor to Iktomi. We’ll need to see about some additional time with the book in order to please that man and receive some his trading goods.

We wanted to check in on the Edge, Taiwon had offered to introduce us to Danen his Elementalist mentor and member. Danen knew very little himself but pointed us in the direction of Yomezo, a ruthless Beastmaster. Yomezo warmed up to Lokan and his roguish wit. She informed him we should meet with some of the Shinumetu family at the Night Call. The Ttskrang were a rigged bunch so Lokan and I were forced to do the only thing possible to lighten up the dreggs of this drinking pit. We swayed the hearts and souls of the crowd with the art of song. This night, mark your journals, was the first performance of the Tumblin’ Weeds. The joyous melodies and entranced crowd had opened the hearts and minds allowing Iktomi and Tala the chance to capture the information we needed for this artifact. It was difficult to pursue our next lead with the crowd raining us with silver and shouting encore. The lead the others found was that some goods possibly containing the artifact were sold to Keresan tribals living in the northeastern quadrant of town.

Upon entering this part of town the din of battle was quickly perceived. The tribals were fighting with some of the Great Adventure and our group jumped to task at hopefully finding any items or information first. We approached as benignly as possible but Jonath of the Great Adventure and Kimsh both attacked Iktomi. I feared this would happen but street rules are applicable here. If you take a shot at the king you better not miss! Our attackers escaped but will pay in time, that is a promise. Our group was able to peaceably talk with the tribe and find that some cultists had stolen the weapons the tribals had illegally acquired. The only description the group was able to provide to us was a thorny tattoo on the wrist of each cultist. We departed as quickly as possible because Dave had done what Dave does best—- murdered someone. We will need to discuss this or correctly direct that energy in the future.

The group wanted to continue the search but I reminded them about our trying day tomorrow. If we are to be at the top of our game we must get some well deserved rest. Remember friends, the best way to line our pockets with silver is showing others that this stormy caravan is the Silver Lining they seek.

Loose Ends and Turning Caves
Aligning Paradigms and Promoting Synergy

From the Journal of Zara Litengale (Formerly Bulgash)

Calen, my love, came for me months ago. He and his best friends had agree to flee from the Ken Clan’s strict regime. They would come with us over the Shale Mounds where we would seek a new name for ourselves and to be wed in peace away from all of Drumhead’s politics. Away from our oppressive families. Away from everyone.

I wanted to trust this secret to my family, I truly did. But my father Montague was a business minded ork, he knew how Father Bulgash would feel being rid of me, he would not allow it. I thought of telling Oohah, but he was younger than me, barely fighting age, I feared he wouldn’t understand.

Montague’s men found us in the foothills and our steeds died. Calen lost the first of his friends in that battle, but we managed to beat them back and were forced to flee on foot. They caught us days later, deeper within the mounds. Our only hope was to withdraw into an unexplored cavern. My father would not be dissuaded, he died in those caves, as did many others. The ground there was unsafe, some fell into the earth and were never seen again. But it wasn’t until the last of us fell into the lower chambers that we realized the truth of these caverns.

Deep within the earth we attacked by enormous Shale Worms. I had only heard of such creatures in legends and even those tales rarely spoke of the beasts being so large. Trapped between the rampaging beasts and my enraged father, we chose the beasts. We fled into an enormous grove of mushrooms. Calen’s childhood friend, Volio, spoke of recognizing the species as that of Mushlite. A delicacy and highly valuable. We had fallen into a fortune and were about to be consumed.

But the worms never came. They avoided the mushrooms, but they knew where we hid, and they waited to pounce us. Oohah fell into the cavern badly, he broke his leg and it is only with the aid of Volio that they were able to make it to safety of the grove. We stayed there for weeks. Eating the fine mushrooms and healing our wounds. We were prepared to make for one mad dash for the entrance once we were all in fighting strength. We had already planned on a day and said our prayers to the Passions that we thought might listen.

But then help came from the most unlikely place. A group of traders from Ahtenko spelunked into our cavern and did battle with the fearsome worms. They were elves mostly, fighting with a fearsome grace. One elf, a Swordmaster Tala, formed into the mushrooms themselves and she did battle with the largest of the beasts. Their manager, a dwarf named Iktomi, seemed capable of weathering the blows of the other beasts as our heroes kept their distance and peppered the beasts with arrows and bolts of light. They had saved us.

We discussed the situation with them, they had been sent by my father’s people, the Bulgashes. But they didn’t seem particularly loyal, they were chasing a lost shipment of Gritroot. It seemed I owed my life to my father’s temper and poor business sense. We explained to the adventurers that we had no desire to go back. They vowed to fake our deaths but asked us what we would do next. Calen and I were at a loss, there were only four of us now…

But the tunnels! These tunnels here! They had been a place of horror, but the silver value available within, the power we could have. And the connections with these traders. We could start our own farming family, separate from the awful nature of Drumhead. Separate from Father, or the Matron, or even that grasping miser Garin. The traders helped us concoct our scheme, we took the equipment from my father’s old home. And we prepared for some back breaking labor, and some deep mourning. And the group vowed on their honor and the honor of Atsin, that they would return soon to trade and keep us supported.

Atsin’s Log, Test Run Day 10

My group of investments returned earlier than expected. I half feared that they would become lost in the weeds, but they kept true to their task. I’m not sure if they have much of a mind for business, but they certainly have a mind for adventure.

My business partner, Bulgash, has suffered some sort of loss out on the Plains and he was seeking to back out of a deal. My men sought to balance the scales on his behalf. I’m not immediately clear on what happened, but it sounds like Bulgash lost some family, but kept his bottom line. He is a mercenary man, so likely that is enough for him. Somewhere in all of that, my wards discovered an untapped source of Mushlite. This is a valuable commodity and I will need to discuss the details with them further. This is a lead we cannot afford to lose.

Iktomi, the young Weaponsmith, seems like he may have his head on backwards, constantly looking to the past. He is from the tragic town of Tseni and it appears that he sees the town as a charity case. I’ve seen the statue he purchased from his uncle and I don’t know how I feel about attaching my name to selling it. Even Iktomi himself went white as a sheet when the group showed it off to me. Still, if they can forge a good relationship with the mayor there, Kzizh, it will have value. There just might be a long way to go. The Nantlah’s aren’t his favorite people. Still, their blood is strong and I’m happy to invest in it.

Oddly, the elves seem to be falling into the heavy lifters of the group. Dave truly is an odd one, but the investment of his ‘Great Uncle’ Roland assured that the price was right. Tala and Tywon’s ins with the Jubilant Knives will be tested shortly at the Bazaar, but even if they fail to impress their skills are more than sufficient to keep the cargo safe.

Lokan currently seems to be a good back-up in case something happens to Gen. Both of them come from rather suspect backgrounds. Ideally Lokan will be of value when the group hits the halfway point of Kintani. And Gen, the human, will likely fill in the cracks. He was a costly hire, that wily merchant Ahwin knows how to strike a bargain. But already the lizard’s soft spot for his protege is starting to pay off.

I think everything at the Bazaar should go sufficiently well. Great Adventure will likely be a problem there, but Enlightened Materials will likely only make a nuisance of themselves on the road. The final leg though…the trip to Vasheen…well I guess that will be the true test.

Edge of Nowhere
Unbridled Aggression and Lost Resources

From the Culinary Designs of Tywon

After being beset by some rowdy bandits intent on taking down our caravan, much to their dismay and early demise the Brave adventurers tentatively known as “The Horse Slaughters” (name needs some work) bravely took it upon themselves to rid this blighted land of at least one of its plagues. We were able to ascertain the location of the bandit’s main camp and vowed to put these ner-do-wells in the ground as well.

After a delicious breakfast of horse tar-tar sprinkled with crushed pepper, sea salt and just a soussant of cumin the party was ready for its bloody work.

With the help of a few of the Armadons we had grown close to, the HS group headed into the face of danger. We found the camp easily enough. Several tents, a horse corral (from which we could expand on our nefarious name) and several bandits in the open. We knew there should be about a dozen or so and that two of them were adepts.

We discussed many plans of attack. What seemed like weeks of planning was actually only a few minutes and after some buffing we charged into the fray with death following like a whipped puppy at our heels.

Our attack began with some shots into the horse corral to scare the horses off and to announce that it was the dreaded “Horse Slaughters” come to play! This worked well except for one exceptional bandit who was able to grab a horse and mount up. This unfortunate was dropped by our handy Archer Dave who shot him out of the saddle.

The rest of us charged into the camp. Our Scout Loken had recently taken up the bow and showed innate natural talent as he used this unfamiliar weapon to down 2 of the bandits before they even knew what hit them. Tala and Iktomi took the lead as good fighters should and were ambushed by a despicable evil Elementalist named Rybek who perverted the pure art of manipulating the ether of the world into a nasty lighting strike on them. This could not be allowed to continue and we pressed the fight on Rybek with a vengeance! Tala dazzled him with some fancy sword mistress ship trying to prove how good she was by seeing just how close she could get to him without hitting him for several rounds (scary) while Iktomi and Tywon hammered him for what all they were worth. He dropped quickly under our combined onslaught and we found two orphaned children in his tent. The poor Abbin who was forced to betray us and an orc –girl named Serey who also looked abused.

Lucky for them they were taken under the wing of Tywon who would love them and keep them and treat them just as he would his own believe children. He would even teach them his secret art of cooking so they could always have a trade they could rely on.

The fight outside the tent of Rybek was still going on while the main body protected the children. Our Archer Dave proved that he two liked to waste time attacking enemies without hitting them and was almost run down by a horse in Blood Pebble Armor but narrowly escaped. Once we formed back up, the bandits knew they were no match for our might and fled like frightened Thundra Beasts in all directions. We were able to capture one who we interrogated who provided more information about the Orc tribes moving out of the Aseilanmala Forest to stir up trouble in the civilized lands and create issues for Timbertown and other villages. Of course, now that they were foiled they had no choice but to retreat to their homes. The Horse Slaughter’s once more save the day!

There was more talk about the Orc tribes gathering to march on Timbertown itself and wipe it off the map. Since we are not in Timbertown and I was busy creating healing culinary delights for my group I did not pay much attention. If Timbertown cannot protect what is theirs, they have no right to it.

We made it to Drumhead as per our contract and delivered our goods and Armadon companions as promised. Drumhead seems to have two main factions, The Bulgash’s (Orcs) and the Ken’s (Humans). Neither seem particularly amenable to having us Elves around. I find that many of the lesser species seem to be uncomfortable when their betters are around.

We decided to take Serey to the Bulgash Compound so she could say farewell to her old kin before traveling with her new father and brother into exiting adventures. Much to my dismay my fellow adventures SOLD Serey to the Bulgashes for 5 gritroot! What a dastardly and ill-gotten display of greed and low morals! Who ARE these people I have fallen in with? I thought they were of a mind with me but now I see I must watch out for even them. I kept Abbin close lest he be traded for a fancy bobbin or shiny object that one of the party becomes infatuated with. I shall not be parted from another child!

Abbin and I remained locked in our room in the in while the others pursed the loathsome business of trade. While I agree that filthy lucre is important to make ones way in this troubled world I cannot bring myself to trade in Namegiver flesh like my companions are so eager to do.

As our almost legendary military prowess has preceded us we were asked to check on a farm that had not reported in with its cache of gritroot for Papa Bulgash. Upon finding the farm we discovered that it was abandoned. A diary left behind mentioned that the writer’s daughter Zara had gone missing and that the some of the locals were going into the mountains to investigate. The investigation was disrupted by some of the Ken Humans in the mountains. They returned to the farm to stir up the rest of the locals to force a resolution in the mountains and have not yet returned. The fields were harvested though and there was 90 units of gritroot ready to go or WAS there?

I fear that the Horse Slaughter’s will go into the mountains in search of another Orc girl they could sell. If so, I must accompany them if only for the girl’s sake. She must be treated with the respect a newly adopted Lassiter child is entitled to.

The Quarry
Practice Practice Practice

From the Oral Histories of Iktomi

After a productive period of rest, recuperation, learning and industry, Atsin called our intrepid group together with our next job. We were to escort the armadons we’d dealt with previously to the village of Drumhead, from whence they’d step off into the Desiccated Plains to complete their journey to their home. Once we reached Drumhead, we would also trade various finished goods with Father Bulgash, leader of one of the two major farming families in the village, in exchange for some of his famed gritroot (the key ingredient in a refreshing ale known around Ahtenko), and a list of requested goods for their next exchange.

Atsin would furnish us with a wagon half-filled with goods, along with four draft horses and enough feed to last them 25 days. We had the opportunity to stop and rest in Tseni, my own hometown, though their hesitation to trade with outsiders would certainly be an obstacle, and Atsin requested that we try to return within two weeks – after all, the other adventuring companies were making their own moves, and many opportunities could be lost to our competition in our absence.

We were also given 2,000 silver pieces in advance, as a discretionary fund to purchase our own trade goods, or deal with whatever issues would arise. Gen used 45 of this silver to immediately pay back a debt he had recently incurred, while another 750 silver was used to buy various weapons, tools, and textiles to trade with the villages. We also learned a bit more about Drumhead, where the Bulgash and Ken families coexisted with a human named Garin brokering between them, and Tseni, where an attack by horror constructs unleashed by the Jubilant Knives years ago was a major reason for the town’s distrust of outsiders.

We quickly made our preparation before reconvening at Snore & Boars where we met our armadon friends for a goodbye celebration. I ended up enjoying a spirited drinking game with three armadons who did not speak Trade, while Tala engaged in a rather serious heart-to-heart with the young armadon boy we had rescued as well as a guards-woman we had cured. Lokan defended Atsin’s reputation to Layla, while Tywon prepared a fine meal and Gen conserved his strength for the road ahead.

We set out at dawn, Lokan taking the reins of our wagon, and made it to Tseni a couple of hours before dusk. As we looked down into the quarry at the bottom of a difficult switchback, Layla and Grooge commented on their icy welcome on the way to Ahtenko, so Gen and I opted to head down with some trade goods to smooth things over. We were met at the bottom of the switchback by a dozen guards, led by the mayor, an old one-armed ork named Kzizh. Recognizing me and instantly taking a shining to my charming friend, the Mayor informed us that the armed men had assembled due to a recent drop in the number of caravans stopping by, and the fear that bandits may have been operating in the area. We showed him some of our trade goods and he offered to have one of my cousins, Keya, look over them and make a deal. He also mentioned a recent cave-in deeper in the tunnels of the cliffside town, and that only one of two bodies was ever recovered, two elf victims who had recently moved into Tseni – some superstitious folk saw this cave-in as an ill omen. First, however, we opted to stop at the Cliffside Inn and speak with the proprietor, my dear brother Cinull.

Cinull has never been one to stay quiet when there is news to be shared, and this meeting was no exception. He expounded upon news of this cave-in, explaining that not two, but three elves had recently moved into Tseni looking to reopen the quarry. The surviving elf, Fyus Gorinjer, had been lobbying to begin stone excavation again, and the talk of the town was the fear of a Horror haunting the quarry, though wildcat mining may have been the culprit – that surviving elf often frequented the Cliffside Inn late at night, and might possibly have stone for sale. He also mentioned Kzizh was looking for a contract for arms and armor, but that he would only do business with a reputable smith. We both agreed that anyone who handled the bandit problem would likely be seen as such a reputable character. Finally, Cinull mentioned our poor uncle Manaloh, maimed during the Gnasher assault years ago, whose sculptures had taken on a distinctly dark and literal bent of late. They, too, might be for sale, though I dared not voice the fear that perhaps Manaloh had gone mad – or worse.

We met with Keya, who inspected our weapons and offered 100 silver for them – our first trade profits! The textiles did not hold any interest for the villagers, so we opted to leave the folk of Tseni be and stay with our armadon charges at the top of the switchback, passing on the news of what had transpired and settling into a guard rotation for the night before setting out early at dawn.

Given the tension in town, and Cinull’s enthusiastically wordy exposition, I made note of Kzizh’s interest in weapons, as it could be a key role in my dream to rebuild Tseni to its former glory. The more immediate issue of banditry was troublesome. Many look at merchants and think of trade as simply a series of transactions, merely a game of haggling. True, there is much technique involved, but were one to map the various caravans or peddlers making their way across the land, one would find a web more intricate than that of any spider, each strand strengthening the communities it connects. In its sum, the web is strong, building relationships and providing much-needed goods to the far-flung corners of Nemahay, but the individual threads can easily be snapped by such things as banditry. To ensure a strong legacy for the outlying villages of Ahtenko, we would need to deal with these brigands threatening honest traders connecting these communities, and so we moved on, wary of any traps.

We did not have to wait long to find something that raised our suspicions, as we found a hungry child in the rough terrain that passed for a trail between Tseni and Drumhead. The boy called himself Abbin, and Tywon fed him while we tried to understand his story and the caravan moved ahead. The boy claimed his parents had been attacked by a bear and ordered him to run, and he had found himself lost in the wilderness. The story didn’t add up, but we kept an eye out, especially after night fell, and found he had escaped. We worked with the armadons to prepare for an ambush, and by dawn we spotted a dozen riders on the horizon. With my passing knowledge of the High Plains dialects, I understood from their leader’s orders that they were to leave no survivors.

Tala and I, along with most of the armadons, hid in the wagons while arranging some of our textiles in our bedrolls to look like sleeping figures. Tywon used his elementalism to empower myself and Tala, while Gen and Lokan moved further out to put distance between themselves and the riders. As the outriders trampled over the empty bedrolls and looked at them with some confusion, we sprang out of the wagons, unhorsing their leader and unwittingly triggering his gahad. We subdued this leader and five more of the twelve riders before they dispersed, but not before I took some heavy wounds. While this leader, clearly an adept, refused to speak with us, we learned much from our other captive (his subordinate), who swore a blood oath to end his banditry in exchange for information and his life.

This man explained that they were members of the Nizan and Karasan tribes who rode down to the region around Timbertown and broke off from their main group to prey on caravans to the east and make quick money. The group consisted of two dozen tribesmen, three of whom were adepts. Aside from the outrider we had captured, an archer and elementalist led this group, though they remained at camp. The tribesmen who had escaped our counterambush would likely head straight to their camp and warn them not to assault our group, though this left us in somewhat of a quandary. The immediate threat had been taken care of and our path to Drumhead was clear, but the continued existence of the bandits posed a threat to the entire area.

Speaking with the armadons, they agreed to help defeat these brigands in exchange for an even split of the bandits’ ill-gotten goods. Rushing to the camp, we found it in a state of relative peace, with roughly half a dozen guards patrolling with no particular level of alarm – perhaps we had beaten the bandits to their own camp! Lokan snuck ahead to get a better picture of the camp, and then it was time to formulate a plan while we still held the element of surprise…

A Test of Metal
Collecting Steel and Hosting Guests

From the Memoirs of Gen:

While the group knew we were beset by shades they we couldn’t see them. Life is funny like that sometimes. Luckily for us, reinforcements arrived. Lokan, the thief, and Tywon the Elementalists. Tywon backed up the skittish Tala in the hallway against a scary door. While Lokan entered the room of voices and shades.

Dave pointed to the corner where he claimed a horror was while but I swore it was my injured sister and Iktomi claimed to see his wounded brother. Things were not adding up, Dave is weirdly reliable while seeming the exact opposite. A connecting room contained bodies where Lokan claimed there were darkness orbs and began flailing. After flailing, Dave’s unfaltering aim, Gen’s greatly helpful suppressing fire, Iktomi with his incredibly scary fire arm, and whatever Tywon and Lela were doing in the hall the shades were defeated.

Tywon and Tala claimed to have killed a Gnasher. Story toppers.

Other rooms were mapped for their bounties and I attempted to make some friends with the Dzeh cultist. They didn’t have anything cool to say really so we introduced ourselves only the leave. Dave as always made a lasting impression by insulting the cultists to their face.

We informed the armadon’s of their poisoning and they reminded us where their lost young was last seen. The group went to the establishment to question the regulars and bartender. They all bombarded the waitress at once but she wasn’t giving up the story. After they made their best attempt, I flashed my famous smirk and wit and the lady was greased as usual. She gave up the names Jonah of Great Adventure (who started a fight) and Mikail who seemed to run off the young armadon. Tala had found out where Mikail by talking to some of patrons, likely emulating what she has seen me do.

Well, my bawdy colleagues decided we needed to raid this man’s house, and I agreed. They all ran in and I feel like Lela and Dave were the only people fighting because that is important to them or something. Mikail was a broke chump and we took him back to the Desiccated Steel to help gather more favor.

As the other’s tend to do, they all want to interrogate Mikail at once with varying ideas of how it should go down. Mikai was in the end just an horrible person. He just wanted to torture a child armadon. We left the sick bastard to the Grooge, to do what I presume Grooge does best.

The Enlightened Materials showed up an Melison admitted she was wrong about the illness and gave my guys a nod to their expertise and a job well done. They may not be a bad crowd, the free market needs competition.

I think its fair to say we secured our first contract of many.

Steel Yourselves
A Treatise on Racism and Weapons

From the Oral Histories of Iktomi

Here we were, face to face with Atsin Sonegor, the famed merchant and entrepreneur himself, in the monument to his tenacity, the Snore and Boar. After enjoying a filling meal, we got down to business. A huge bounty (100,000 silver pieces!) had been offered to the owner of the first successful trade caravan to make it to the city of Vasheen and back. Atsin aimed to claim that bounty for himself, and he looked like the type of man who would not accept any other outcome. In exchange for our help, Sonegor offered us each a 10% cut of the bounty, as well as 25% of whatever profits the caravan had made on its journey, split between us as we saw fit.

One of my new colleagues, a human Illusionist named Gen, had heard of my own business acumen and suggested I try to haggle more acceptable terms from our patron. Ultimately, however, we decided on discretion, if only because Atsin’s mercantile prowess was a thing of legend in Ahtenko. I also met a dour Tir elf scout who called himself Dave and an elf swordmaster named Tala. We agreed to Atsin’s terms, and the dwarf gave us our first task.

A group of armadons who called themselves Dessicated Steel had come to the gates of Ahtenko roughly a week prior, looking to sell a shipment of iron for the sum of 10,000 silver. Sonegor didn’t have that kind of money on hand at the time, but he had recently heard that the armadons had found themselves in dire straits. He tasked us with negotiating a sale of their iron shipment for the introductory price of 2,500 silver, with further shipments resuming at the standard price they had requested, and we accepted, eager to show our mettle.

Some discreet inquiries among the rougher inhabitants of Ahtenko pointed us to a recently cleared district of the city (that nonetheless had its fair share of dangers). We quickly found our soon-to-be business partners holed up in a large old structure and introduced ourselves. We met the armadons’ leader, a woman named Layla, and their champion, a large man named Grooge. Both of them seemed to be in a poor mood. They’d run full force into the superstitious disdain many hold for armadons, and had been unable to sell their iron for the price they’d sought. We gave them Atsin’s terms – 2,500 for this shipment, with a contract for full-price purchases for all future shipments.

Disappointed in our offer, Leila explained that another merchant, Sen Anoranfei of the Great Adventure caravan company, had offered them 5,000 silver for their shipment, but admitted that one of their runners who had gone to the Night Call for further information had not yet returned and they were getting concerned. More alarmingly, her people were getting sick, the illness starting almost as soon as they had entered the city. Some had already passed, while two more did not look like they would survive without rapid medical attention. Using the medical expertise I had learned from a life of hard frontier living, I assessed that from the symptoms, this appeared to be more of an allergy, or at least some sort of reaction, to something in the environment.

My associates and I agreed that the water the armadons were consuming was a likely culprit. Leila pointed us to the nearby well they’d been drawing from, but explained that their group had moved multiple times and drawn from multiple wells, yet more and more were falling ill. Inspecting the nearby well yielded little information, but with her knowledge of the old city’s layout, Tala recalled that such wells were fed by a series of reservoirs in the kaer portion of Ahtenko. Before we could descend and explore further, we heard a loud ringing sound, a bell getting closer and closer.

Electing to return to the armadons’ temporary home and assess the situation, we spotted a trio with a cart, led by a Tir elf named Melison, and representing the Enlightened Materials caravan company. She, too, looked over the diseased armadons and concluded that this was High Plains Fever. Her company would provide an inoculation to this disease to the armadons, as well as 2,500 silver, in exchange for their iron shipment. at which point I could no longer hold my silence. Such a lazy diagnosis would not help these people, and sickening one’s associates is never good business practice. I spoke up, exposing this quackery, and an intense debate ensued. Tala stepped in, calming the situation somewhat, and Leila made an offer – both caravan companies had until noon the following day to prove their case, and whoever prevailed would get their business.

Hurrying to an entrance to the under-levels, Dave quickly defeated the lock and we descended into the darkness. Unable to read an inscription written in firefly chalk, we had to rely on our own wits, finding several rooms filled with trash and filth, and a number of cave-ins. One such cave-in appeared minor enough to dig through, but wanting to explore our surroundings, we left it for later. Shortly thereafter, we stumbled into two drunk louts in rags, guarding the entrance to an area that we soon learned was their headquarters – apparently, a group of followers of Dzeh, led by a Thief Questor named Timon,, had holed up in the northwest part of this section of the old kaer. Gen convinced them to help us explore the partial cave-in, but after he reunited with the rest of us (exploring a more ominous abandoned portion of the maze-like kaer), we returned to the cave-in to find the two dead.

We soon encountered the cause of this death – giant rats, led by an enormous specimen. After the battle, Dave identified these creatures as Gloerats. DIspatching all of the vermin in what appeared to be an ancient feast hall, we proceeded to find the cistern feeding into the well system, with a suspicious backpack resting on the water’s edge. We found the backpack to be slashed open and spilling a powder (a strong pesticide turned lethal poison) into the water, finding the source of the armadons’ “illness” and speculating upon who might have planted this – perhaps one of our mercantile rivals?

Having solved the mystery, we opted to explore more of the unencountered portions of this level, finding a room that filled one’s head with paranoid whispers, an intersection that dizzied whoever passed through it into taking a wrong path, more cave-ins and a room full of skeletons holding jewel-encrusted goblets (wisely deciding not to disturb the dead). Beyond the dizzying intersection we found a large locked door, but upon defeating this lock we heard a ghastly growling noise and wisely decided to retreat. With only one room left to explore, a chamber beyond the ‘whispering room,’ we entered only to find some dessicated corpses and old tattered robes. However, upon attempting to leave, we were beset by shades…

Bounties Offerred by the Jubilant Knives
Bounties Appropriate to Season One

Brace Bounties:

  • 50 sp Good Samaritan bounty for saving a Namegiver in need from certain doom within the boundaries of Ahtenko lands. This bounty may only be collected once a month and requires a written letter or spoken testimonial by the saved Namegiver.
  • 1,000 sp reward for brokering peace between the warring factions interested in Timbertown. Peace will be confirmed by all relevant leader’s written accolades. BEWARE: Peace may not be possible.
  • 1,000 sp reward for bringing Alnadotzli, Drumhead, or Tseni peacefully under the umbrella of ‘Ahtenko Villages’. Ahtenko Villages are villages that readily pay taxes to Ahtenko in exchange for protection and resources as needed. Currently only Timbertown is an officially recognized Ahtenko Village.
  • 100,000 sp reward for establishing a ‘Trade Caravan’ between Vasheen and Ahtenko. A Trade Caravan, at its base, constitutes a group of people that have traded a significant silver value on at least a dozen stops between Vasheen and Ahtenko. The round-trip route must also be completed within one year. See Tetchia Wanul for further details and fine print regarding this bounty.

Edge Bounties:

  • 10 sp per Bandit left ear. ‘Bandits’ are confirmed threats by the local authorities and must be accompanied by a written letters of condemnation toward the bandits and accolades for the slaying party penned by the local authority.
  • 100 sp per Gnasher. Gnasher corpses are confirmed by retrieving the jaw of the creature and at least twenty pounds of associated body.
  • Various rewards for unique Named threats throughout Nemahay. If you believe you are up to the challenge, please consult Danen Rofi with a travel itinerary and he will supply you with a list of potential bounties along that path.

Grip Bounties:

  • 50 sp for each ‘Shelter Chamber’ thoroughly explored, mapped, and documented. A ‘Chamber’ qualifies as any room with more than one exit that is more than 100 square yards in size. Maps must include a route from the chamber to the surface of Ahtenko.
  • 250 sp for each building thoroughly documented and explored within a ‘Ruins’ block. All threats must be removed from the domicile and thorough drawings must be made of the exterior and foundations.
A Noble Plan
Gathering Heroes

Atsin Sonegor had always been a risk taker. Growing up poor on the streets of Vasheen he always yearned for something more. When he heard that the Jubilant Knives planned to retake Tenko he jumped at the chance to get in on the ground floor of their venture. His risk was well rewarded and he easily made enough money to establish the Snore and Boars in a large building near Ahtenko’s Main Gate.

Recently, Atsin has gotten word from a contact within the Knives, Tetchia Wanul, that there will soon be an enormous bounty placed on creating a caravan route between Ahtenko and Vasheen. Atsin has old friends in the Dwarfen hold and new friends here in the Reclaimed City, so this business plan seems right up his alley. Besides, he had been looking to branch out anyway.

He has sent missives to many of his potential business partners and has started recruiting fresh laborers who he believes will one day be profitable business owners in their own right.

Dave: mysterious Tir Tairngire ex-patriot who has served for a few years with a BUSINESS PARTNER. For a piece of the profits, BUSINESS PARTNER was glad to loan out one of his trusted laborers.

Tara: An Elf apprentice of Tetchia Wanul herself. WHY? WHERE? WHAT?

Gen: A Human who grew up in the shadow of Ahtenko, his knowledge of the city was limited. For the past decade, however, he has traded his furs at Snore and Boars and never felt cheated. Atsin easily recruited the young Beastmaster for the chance of adventure.

Tywon: This Elf farmer-turned-cook has worked at Snore and Boars for years to pay for his training under Danen Rofi. While his love of sausage is known to everyone, what was less known was his desire to become a potent Elementalist. His ego may be challenged out in the world, but his grasp on the elements is already impressive.

Iktomi: A local Dwarf who has worked with the prominent WEAPONSMITH for years. Atsin was happy to accept him into the group on the good word of WEAPONSMITH. The rookie Weaponsmith has an eye for business and a lust for reputation.

Lorac: A descendant of Elf bureaucrats from Kintani, this Thief adept only recently moved to Ahtenko, and is looking to make his fortune legitimately. Atsin’s ties to the family are rather vague, but in exchange for a favor done years ago, he has taken the young Elf under his wing and provided him this opportunity.

All the would-be heroes have received a summons to Snore and Boars, their new job begins in just two week’s time. What fates will they meet on the High Plains of Nemahay?

The World As It Is
Before the Legend Began

The region of Namahay was ravaged by the Scourge. What remained when Namegivers returned to the world was a barren and hostile land.

The Dwarf people of Vasheen sought to rebuild their lands and reconnect to their empire abroad. The Traveled Scholars of Kintani returned with their confidence shaken but their ingenuity re-doubled. The city of Ahtenko was founded to cast out the vile Constructs that remained hidden in the shadows. And the High Plains Tribes found their lands suddenly crowded with grasping hands and needy neighbors.

To the north, the Elfen Kingdom of Tir Tairngire returned to the world and brought with it suspicion and horror. To the south, the Blood Mage-run Empire of Aztlan finally got their legs under themselves and sought to do business with their neighbors. And far to the east was said to be the Silver River and all the wealth any Namegiver could ever want.

It is a time of daring deeds and great evil. A time of mistrust and risk. It is a time that needs heroes to show it the way. Welcome to Nemahay.


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