Nemahay: The Ravaged Land

Back on Land

The Struggle is Real

We rested after our ordeal at the canal, and the night before arriving at Lajeesh we saw the village far off into the distance, burning brightly – disaster had struck. As our boat arrived at what would have been the village’s docks, we saw the smoldering ruin up close. We assembled on deck to view the carnage when a flurry of arrows descended upon us. We attempted to dissuade our attackers, but heard a warning in an Ork dialect for us to submit to some “Parchwing.” We traded verbal barbs against their arrows, and the crew opened up on them with fire cannons.

We passed through the ruins without any fatalities, but the ork tribals, from their accent, appeared to be Yavapai – a tribe that seemed to attack foes without reason, with rumors abounding of the children among their targets being sent off to some dark fate. We stopped the boat a couple of hours up the river and disembarked, with Dave scouting ahead. He found we’d bypassed a group of patrols and were near a camp of Yavapai, and returned to us with the news. We found a place to make a cold camp and made it through the night, Tala noticing a Yavapai patrol heading west from the coast during her watch shift.

The following morning, Dave went to scout the area as we broke camp, sneaking through the foothills to the west. He located the camp of the patrol we’d seen the night before, with five orks resting from their night of riding. We planned an attack to remove this obstacle to our caravan, with Tywon offering his elemental enchantments.

We rushed in, Dave cutting the horses loose and hitting one to spook them, and the five orks, with their divided attentions, attacked. I cleaved one in two with my first blow, rushing to aid Dave against the three who ganged up on him. At this time, five more appeared from the other side of the ridge, raining arrows down on our position as we fought – it appeared our scouting had missed a second patrol. We quickly dispatched the orks. However, during the fight we witnessed Dave attempt to grab one of them, his hand smoking and him appearing to take a wound from a failed attempt at some strange power. He did not bother to explain…

We called up the waiting wagon and rushed through the pass, coming upon a makeshift log blockade that closed off all but a narrow portion of the passage. We attempted to stop the horses while Dave got a shot off on the single ork on the raised platform behind these logs, knocking him onto the ground. We faintly heard a horn sounding off in the distance. As Tywon emerged from the other side, he noticed a large contingent on horseback ahead of us, backs turned to us… and a huge dust cloud right in front of the faint walls of Kintani.

It appeared that two great armies were lining up to fight, one of which were the Ashiwi, and the other the Yavapai. As we approached closer at top speed, we saw the large form of none other than a brown dragon, one we had never heard any tales of. We made our way to Kintani, away from the war and the dragon; Tywon noticed that the dragon was likely the Parchwing someone had spoken of. The beast swooped down and released a gout of dust, dessicating large swathes of Ashiwi warriors as it fell.

We approached the gates, and the guards at the walls would let us in only if someone swore a blood oath to cause no harm in exchange for being left in – an oath I readily swore. We were told that as non-citizens we were confined to the outer ring of Kintani. We also learned that the Yavapai came to claim tribute twice, razing Lajeesh in between and heralding the arrival of Parchwing, before the Ashiwi suddenly showed up to make war.

We had made it to Kintani, a major milestone in our journey to Vasheen. But it appeared we had found ourselves in another one of our trademark predicaments…


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