Yomezo Rass

Cold Blooded Oni


Yomezo is a brilliantly blue colored Oni with sandy brown hair. Like nearly all of her kind, she grew up in Vasheen. The wilds called to her, however, and she started on their scouting teams as early as she was allowed.

Leaving your home is difficult for any Oni, but Yomezo took to the Ravaged Land like a fish to water. She quickly found her calling as a Beastmaster and, after her scouting party was wiped out by a band of renegade Oodham Outriders she became a free agent. She teamed up with all manner of explorers and adepts, focusing on getting vengeance for her falling compatriots.

She became a well renowned, if distant, hero and fell in with other members of the Knives during her time as a free agent.

She was heavily involved in the initial push to recover Ahtenko from the Constructs, but since the initial reclamation she spends very little time within the city walls. Nature still calls to Yomezo, and she spends most of her time out keeping the city secure. When she is in town, she frequently speaks of the nearby High Plains tribes, the Naizan and the Keiresan, she says they are getting are restless.

Yomezo Rass

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