Fine Leather Gloves Accentuated with Navy Espagra Scales


Maximum Threads: 2
Mystic Defense: 10
Tier: Novice

First Key Knowledge Test: The Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: Surehands: Whenever the owner would drop an item he is carrying, he may pay 1 strain to roll a Strength + Thread Rank test. The target number for this test being 10 + the circle of the disarming opponent (if applicable). This test counts as a Strength-Only test for Karma spending purposes.

Thread Rank Two: The owner gains +1 rank to Melee Weapons.

Second Key Knowledge Test: Learn the Nature of the True Element Used in the Item’s Forging
Thread Rank Three: The owner gains + 1 rank to Crushing Blow.

Thread Rank Four: The owner now gains +2 ranks to Melee Weapons


The Grip faction of the Jubilant Knives created these gloves to offer as a reward during the Shadow Games. The gloves were entrusted to Aya Siropese who took the opportunity to further her own research.

The gloves were secured by the Silver Linings Trading Company in exchange for a history on the creation of the Shelter of Old Tenko. As the Bazaar wound down, Safeh Ometereh approached the group and congratulated them on their ‘good taste’.

He explained that gloves had been made as a test for ranking members of the guard. He informed the group that the gloves were known as ‘Vicegrips’ and they were forged by the unlikely duo of an yaguarete Elementalist and a Keresan Weaponsmith out of Timbertown. The wearer of the grips should find his hands more sure than ever before, assisting with all manner of tasks, not least of which: swinging a blade.

The duo revealed that the Vicegrips were made from True Earth discovered within the Shale Mounds


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