Honorable Oni Sellsword


The Oni population of Vasheen is a well-known feature of our fair city. Yet people still fail to realize that theirs is a culture truly unto their own. The concept of honor and something called ‘face’ is as critical to them as it was to their ancestors. The unique taboos and social mores that surround the Oni population has, understandably, resulted in their continued isolation.

From time to time, however, an Oni finds a way to integrate itself with more mainstream society, Tsunoragasan is one such example. He calls himself an ‘honorable blade’ which, for all intents and purposes, seems to be much the same as a mercenary. However, he is a cut above most mercenaries. His honor is beyond question, and you can rest assured that, should he take your silver, he will complete your task or die trying. He leads a group of like-minded individuals (mostly Oni) that he refers to as “Waters’ Margin”. His group is massive and sprawling, with usually one hundred plus adepts fighting under his banner.

His group has been involved in every skirmish in the past decade, and his people are feared by dishonorable men everywhere. It is said that he is particularly despised by both Aztlan and Tir Tairngire. Exactly why that is, remains the stuff of legend.

Fascinatingl, Tsunoragasan considers himself both a warrior and a poet, and he was more than happy to function as a Pillar on this document.


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