Tetchia Wanul

High-Plains Liaison and Formal Trader of Rocks


Tetchia grew up in Vasheen during the Age of Isolation, she was one of the first Namegivers to go scouting for the people and she hasn’t sat still since. It is said the Tetchia has done a little bit of everything. She studied in Kintani, she worked as an enforcer for Dinacka, its even said that she worked for a time in the slave mines of Maricaash.

In many ways she is the heart of the Jubilant Knives and she was definitely present at the first blood oath that was sworn. She accompanied the group that explored the Desiccated Plains and she plunged into the skirmishes in the Servos Jungle with gusto.

She wasn’t a mastermind behind the reclamation of Tenko but she battled on the front lines and proved a potent tactical mind, able to corner foes and protect allies. After the reclamation had settled down, she turned her sites beyond the walls of Ahtenko and saw a wealth of opportunities.

She took artifacts from the ruins and sought to sell them to the local populace, primarily the High Plains Tribes. She became welcome amongst those people and counts them among her allies (much to the chagrin of the more paranoid members of the Knives). Those dismissive of her work call her trading with the locals an exercise in being a ‘Rock Merchant’ and she has taken the title to heart, frequently referring to herself as a ‘Trader of Rocks’.

She has negotiated the vast majority of the standing deals between Ahtenko and the locals of the region. She is not particularly eager to support the caravan bounty project, but she definitely sees the value in it, even if the competition is likely to hurt her bottom line.

Tetchia Wanul

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