Tellion Othhald

Specific Caravan Runner with Eyes on Going Global


This pale Elf clearly came from the Tir. He cropped up in Kintani around two decades ago selling his wares as well as raw materials from the mountains near Maricaash.

To be honest, Tellion wasn’t much of a Weaponsmith. His arms and armor tended to come out brittle, they lacked elegance, but the materials he was working with were of remarkable quality, smiths of the city flocked to his store, Enlightened Materials, to buy the raw goods. His business rapidly changed focus to purchasing the material from Maricaash mines, picking them up in ((KINTANI EASTERN CITY)) and turning it into weapons in Kintani proper.

When the Jubilant Knives began clearing Ahtenko, Tellion’s business shifted again. He ran the completed works of Kintani smiths to city of adventurers desperate for new tools with which to kill horrors. If one is generous, you could say he runs a caravan company from Kintani to Ahtenko. But realistically, his trips are infrequent, the goods he wields are limited, and he doesn’t seem to have much of a support structure in place for the journey.

He would have a long way to go to claim the Brace’s bounty.

Tellion Othhald

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