A Glittering Moon Amulet Praising Gloehiba


Maximum Threads: 3
Mystic Defense: 12
Tier: Journeyman

First Key Knowledge Test: The Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: Matrix Object: The amulet counts as another Standard matrix of Rank equal to the Rank of the Thread tied to this item.

Thread Rank Two: The owner gains +1 rank to Spellcasting.

Second Key Knowledge Test: Learn the Circumstances of the Item’s Discovery
Thread Rank Three: ?

Thread Rank Four: ?

Third Key Knowledge Test: ?
Thread Rank Five: ?

Thread Rank Six: ?


The object was discovered on the body of Gretchin, a crazed cultist of Maz.

Also on the body of Gretchin was a journal chronicling the human’s journey across Nemahay. In it she describes a chance encounter in the village of Alnadotzli with a Tir Questor of Gloehiba. As a slight to the Passion of trickery, she managed to steal the amulet off of him and escape with it into the night. Sadly, she knows little about the amulet beyond its name ‘Spellthief’, though the Name is enough to make is apparent that the necklace is some sort of Matrix Object.

The Elementalist Tywon brought the item to Ghee, a goods merchant in Alnadotzli. Ghee immediately claimed that the item was stolen from him some time ago, but he was willing to pay a reward for the item’s safe return. A prospect uninteresting to the young Elementalist. They attempted to work out a deal to get a shrine to Gloehiba in the village’s Passion House, but it was all for naught.

Ghee did not seem to know the exact circumstances of the item’s discovery, or if he did he gave little clue. He said he would be willing to tell the party more about his mentor and where he was from if they would help him. Unfortunately a deal could not be struck and the party left empty-handed.

What is clear is that this item is somehow related to Gloehiba, the Passion of Cunning…or Deceit depending on who you ask. Perhaps a follow of his would know more.


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