Sozi Yahzzi

Wyrm Peaks Ork


The Wyrm Peaks are an exotic and oft-maligned locale. The Namegivers (generally Ork) who dwell within tend to stick to their own. Only venturing out into the greater world on missions from their mysterious dragon queen. Sozi, and many of her Yahzzi forebears, have taken it upon themselves to act as a mouthpiece for their homeland. Why the family continues to act with such largess is unknown. Certainly, speaking of the benefits of being in thrall to a dragon will win you few friends.

Sozi follows in her families footsteps. She has long red-orange hair and a very calm demeanor that, in my experience, is unusual in Orks. She actually sought me out to become a Pillar on this work. Hoping to ‘share the truth’ on the Wrym Peaks. Claiming that she would even be willing to include lesser known dragon lore and other mysteries of these long-lived creatures.

How could a well learned man such as myself pass that up?

Sozi Yahzzi

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