Shadowstride Boots

Rough Orkish Boots Made of Inky Black Leather


Maximum Threads: 2
Mystic Defense: 12
Tier: Journeyman

First Key Knowledge Test: The Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: The Owner Gains +1 Stealthy Stride

Thread Rank Two: For 1 Strain, the wearer Gains a further +2 Stealthy Stride for one minute.

Second Key Knowledge Test: Discover Who First Wore the Boots
Thread Rank Three: ?

Thread Rank Four: ?

Third Key Knowledge Test: ?
Thread Rank Five: ?

Thread Rank Six: ?


The boots were discovered in a cave beneath the home of Dirk Tallfellow, a tainted follower of the Growing One. The boots were found alongside Marker. The two items belonged to High Plains Chieftains.

Both items were returned to Istaka and Habya, Warchiefs of the Keresan and Naizhan tribes respectively.

The items were returned to the Silver Linings Caravan Company as gifts when the group uncovered and returned the bodies of the missing tribals and stopped the threat of the Growing One without undue bloodshed.

Istaka explained that these boot belonged to his brother and were named ‘Shadowstride Boots’, and they helped his brother hunt prey without being noticed. Further information was unavailable to the Warchief, though the group was invited to one day return to Keresan lands and treat with the tribes there, if they so chose.

Shadowstride Boots

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