Sen Anoranfeh

An Adventurer Going Pro


Sen was never officially a member of the Jubilant Knives but he has been on their periphery for years. He battled alongside them during the Skirmishes, but opted not to follow them into the Desiccated Plains, foregoing his chances at permanent membership.

He kept himself busy in the meantime with a group of adventurers who made a living out of plumbing lost kaers in the western Wyrm Peaks and selling the proceeds on to Vasheen. When the Knives came back and began the founding of Ahtenko, Sen brought his team in to take part.

Unfortunately, most of his team was killed in a variety of mismanaged or unlucky strikes into the ruins. Sen managed to survive through the skin of his teeth though, and come out a hero. He was again offered membership into the knives, but again denied it, preferring to instead remain and independent adventurer not beholden to the new City’s successes or failures.

Since the founding he has cemented himself in the area as a renowned Illusionist. For the past few years he has been exploring the Boiling Bog and seems to have come out of there a more serious and determined man. Not only has his attitude changed, but he has found himself in possession of significant sums of money. Members of the Grip community, specifically Aya Siropese, have been courting Sen closely. Likely they are attempting to pry his fingers loose on his new fortune for some rebuilding project or another.

Surprising everyone, he has thrown his hat into the Caravan game, throwing money at founding an organization he has dubbed the Great Adventure.

Sen Anoranfeh

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