Safeh Ometereh

Questor of Chedegai, Prominent Rebuilder


Safeh grew up on the road and spent his child-hood travelling around central Nemahay. His family worked as guards for prominent men in and around Kintani and Safeh, the precocious Ork youth, learned everything he could from them.

He moved to Kintani proper to apprentice under a variety of skilled Weaponsmiths and became an expert in his field. He was a man grown when he experienced his calling. It is said the Chedegai approached him in a dream. The Passion informed Safeh that his life’s work of building weapons was a life wasted, and only a life of structure and defense would see him truly fulfilled.

Safeh immediately closed his shop and began travelling the world to plan a new course. He became an expert armorer during this time and fell in with the Knives during their skirmishes with Aztlan.

Safeh was a key figure in designing the plan to retake Ahtenko, and he was heavily involved every step of the way. Today he splits his time between managing the city and running Omehs Armors, the most prominent leather and steel shop in Ahtenko.

Safeh still shies away from crafting weapons, but he figures he would be remiss if he did not teach his apprentices the finer details of the craft. As such, there are always a few quality arms available in his shop, even if they aren’t his specialty.

Recently, Omehs has become overrun with special forging orders and the Ork has work to last him years. Still, he refuses to be rushed. He handles his business, his government, and his bounties very diligently.

Safeh Ometereh

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