Nehas Uhlso

Kintani Traveling Scholar


I will admit to having something of a rivalry with Nehas Uhlso. Though the two of us may not see eye-to-eye on how best to enlighten the public, I see no reason to keep such a mind out of this grand work.

Nehas is a human from the Learned City of Kintani. He is prone to whims and flights of fancy and, personally, I find his research to be poorly cited. He boasts an impressive number of published papers in the city of Kintani itself, though how many he achieved through his own prowess or that of his senator uncle, who can say? None can argue, however, that his posts are many and varied and that his total page count remains far below my own.

But I digress, for all my bookishness, Nehas has worldliness. He has been travelling through Nemahay and documenting his observations for nearly a full decade. His lack of focus in this case only aids to the number of topics with which he can help this work.

Nehas Uhlso

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