Melison Othhald

Younger Sister and Smarmy Businesswoman


Melison appeared from the ether at the same time as her older brother Tellion Othhald. Exact ages on the two are difficult to pin down, but she appears to be in her early fifties, entering middle age for her kind.

When she first arrived in Kintani she was barely an adult, learning her way through the arts of magic. However, her stalwart devotion to her brother prevented her from making much headway on that front. When Ahtenko was founded, Melison took the trip there with her brother and found the veritable silver mine that existed there for weapon traders. She became the local business liaison of Enlightened Materials in the city and spent years building up the business.

Over the past few years, the business has become more or less self sufficient. She has gotten a stable of earnest employees and competent guards and tends to only be in the actual store on shipment days. Generally speaking, the woman is not well liked, but she follows through on her promises and supports those who work under her. She may not be a villain, but she is generally un-likeable. She tends to hire other people for the purposes of being liked.

As her brother makes speeches to the Kintani Senate, Mel seems to be doing the legwork for putting a much larger caravan together. She has recruited three other competent adepts to her cause and they seem to be following up on a variety of leads with little oversight from their bursar back in the home of scholars.

Melison Othhald

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