A Blowgun Etched with Symbols of Prey Animals


Maximum Threads: 2
Mystic Defense: 12
Tier: Journeyman

First Key Knowledge Test: The Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: Marked for Death: If the Owner Spends 1 Strain, as a simple action they may ‘Mark’ an opponent. This Mark lasts for an hour and only one creature may be marked at a time. New marks from the blowgun erase any previous lingering marks. The Wielder of the Blowgun also receives +Rank Missile Weapons against any Marked Targets.

Thread Rank Two: The Owner Gains +Rank Surprise Strike against any Marked Targets

Second Key Knowledge Test: Discover the Most Potent Creature Ever Marked by the Weapon
Thread Rank Three: ?

Thread Rank Four: ?

Third Key Knowledge Test: ?
Thread Rank Five: ?

Thread Rank Six: ?


The blowgun was discovered in a cave beneath the home of Dirk Tallfellow, a tainted follower of the Growing One. The weapon was found alongside Shadowstride Boots The two items belonged to High Plains Chieftains.

Both items were returned to Istaka and Habya, Warchiefs of the Keresan and Naizhan tribes respectively.

The items were returned to the Silver Linings Caravan Company as gifts when the group uncovered and returned the bodies of the missing tribals and stopped the threat of the Growing One without undue bloodshed.

Habya grudgingly revealed that the blowgun was a ‘Marker’, usually a symbol of status amongst ranking Naizhan. There are a fair number of these blowguns, but all are named Marker, though beyond that their tales tend to diversify. He was not aware of any other information about that blowgun in particular. But he did imply that having the item publicly revealed would go a long way to getting into the good graces of other Naizhan parties.


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