Lichi Gahana

Chief Historian of Vasheen


Lichi Gahana is, well, me! I am the primary author of most pages within this work, consulting my other Pillars where appropriate. In some places their additional notes may be observed.

I have been a Historian with the Library for nearly four decades now, and I have lived within Vasheen for all sixty-three years of my life. Like most of my co-workers I am a keen-eyed Dwarf seeking to root out the truth of things. If I am known to have any faults, it might be the very dogged pursuit of the truth I just mentioned.

I will admit, here before both reader and Passion, that I am not as worldly as many of the other so-called ‘ Pillars’. In fact, I have only left this fair city thrice! And that includes the time I went to observe the Eastern Growing Fields! But, while lesser Historians would allow this work to devolve into hearsay and rumor, I can personally assure you readers that I have either confirmed or rigorously corroborated every scrap of evidence within this work.

Lichi Gahana

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