Kzizh Emorgok

Superstitious Mayor of Tseni


Kzizh rose to the role of mayor seven years ago whenhe stood firm against the dark creatures that were fleeing Ahtenko and looking for a new home.

Over a dozen of his family members died in battle against a small herd of Gnashers before the creatures were chased out of the area to the north. Kzizh survived the battle, but lost his arm. Even with his extreme injury he gathered the towns people and ensured that they could help the rest of the locals in any way that they could.

The previous mayor, a member of the influential Nantlah family, fled with most of the town’s wealth at the first opportunity, causing Kzizh to be rushed into the office with very little opposition.

Kzizh harbors resentment for Ahtenko, though readily grants that the Jubilant Knives are potent warriors and good neighbors to have now that the initial push is over. He leads his town with an eye toward security first and prosperity a distant second. If he has any reason to believe that an action will cause undue risk towards his people, he will act against it.

Kzizh Emorgok

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