Kaya Neshi

Bright-eyed Troubadour


Kaya grew up on the rivers, protected by the Families. He observed entire Families coming out of torpor and saw trade grow and thrive. As an Elf, he was free to travel the rivers between towns and, once he had grown old enough, he set off on his own. When asked about these early days, he says that he sought to do nothing but to spread hope and joy. Perhaps he is too young to realize that he is almost as much of a historian as I am.

He has traveled to nearly every known corner of Nemahay, and quite a few that are unknown…and even to realms beyond. He has gathered tales, lore, and artifacts in his travels and likely knows more about the history of the post-Scourge world than any other man alive.

Thus, he was a natural choice to become a Pillar on this work. The Duke of Vasheen paid top-dollar to secure Kaya and his wealth of wisdom for this text. Now let us hope that he can cease his travelling for long enough to give us his notes…

Kaya Neshi

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